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July 30, 2010

My Favorite :01 Comic-Con Picture


(Presumably Gandalf is contemplating the destruction Sauron and the One Ring could wreak in turn-of-the-(last)-century pastoral Korea.)

(Now I totally want Color Trilogy/LoTR fanfiction!  Korea could be one of the rebellious, allied with Sauron Southern States of Gondor, and the whole thing could be analogized to the whole Japan/Korea conflict that kicks off right after the trilogy ends.  I bet Ehwa becomes a spy!)

March 18, 2010

The Color of Earth


I love the covers for this trilogy.  Mark (our esteemed Editorial Director) designed them himself, pulling artwork from the interiors and having it colored. 

(My favorite part of that process was watching Mark get two different color samples, combine the two files, and somehow come up with something perfect that was halfway between the two options.  Photoshop being a complete mystery to me, this was like magic!)

Color covers

(This is what the Korean covers look like.  Also pretty, but a totally different style!)

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