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October 16, 2008

A Persian Adventure


“If you’re a discerning graphic novel reader who wants a much richer experience than what one usually expects from the medium, pick up Prince of Persia — you’re in for a treat.” – Critical Mass

“LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland . . . depict all the book's swords fights, courtly intrigues, romantic interludes and lucid dreamscapes with a style that evokes Middle Eastern art and design while retaining the vibrancy of modern action cartoons.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“The book is not a simple action-adventure, however, but instead tells two intertwining stories of love, death, betrayal, and fate .” – I Love Rob Liefeld

“It’s an amazingly well constructed story, one that manages to withhold bits of important information until the precise moment where their revelation will have the greatest impact.” – Every Day is Like a Wednesday

October 01, 2008

MTV on Prince of Persia


“I’m looking at [all the forms Prince of Persia has taken throughout the years] going, we have all these all different conflicting stories and yet they’re all still ‘Prince of Persia.’ So I asked [writer] A.B. [Sina] — because he’s so deeply versed in Persian history and folklore — I asked him [if] there is a way in which they are the same character, even though they’re clearly not. And what he did is incredible. He weaves back and forth between two different time periods – the 9th and the 13th century – the past telling the story of the future, the future telling the story of the past, and it’s cool.” -- Jordan Mechner on MTV.com

July 11, 2008

Prince of Persia on its way to you


Reviews for PRINCE OF PERSIA are about to start turning up and I'm curious to see them. Jordan Mechner, A.B. Sina, LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland have poured their hearts into this project and I'm very proud of how it's come out. Some of you friends of First Second have expressed the worry that this may be a sell-out book for us. I promise it's not. Sina's script draws on Iranian myth and history as well as on David Lynch and other deep wells. Some might hate it. But it looks like some are already taken with it. And LeUyen and Alex are an inspired team—already working on their next project for First Second.

I'm having a good laugh looking at some of the gaming sites where a bit of artwork from the book was leaked—the responses range from "Wow, the art looks awesome" to "this art sucks! it looks hand drawn!"

(spoiler: it is!)


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