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April 02, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: Chipotle


We've got the always-excellent Rosa Mexicana a few blocks down the street for sit-down Mexican (and guacamole made right in front of you!), but for the quick chips-and-guacamole fix, it's difficult to beat Chipotle.  The chips even come in a bag that says 'CHIPS'!  For clarity of message, that hard to top. 

And there is also general deliciousness!  Now I want an afternoon snack already. . . .

March 13, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: RIP Deli Marche


(image ganked from here)

Deli Marche was our deli across the street.  I say 'was' here because it closed down last week. 

One of the times I'm most amused about the skewed New York perspective is when my relatives come to town -- whenever we're going to a museum or the theater and I pull them past the deli because it's not Ethiopian or dumplings or artisian ice cream, at which point someone has to say, 'That deli is amazing!  It has fresh fruit!  It has several pasta selections!  It has sushi!  Why don't you go there all the time?' 

Deli Marche had all those things, and it always had chewy ginger candy and wheat thins, two obviously necessary items for hard-working publishing employees.

What fate awaits us now? 

We'll just have to go to the deli two doors down. . . .

March 08, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: Wafels and Dinges


(image ganked from here)

You guys!

There's a truck that makes waffles that has come to our building for every morning of the past two weeks that I have remembered to notice it.  This is such an exciting thing, because, waffles!  Are they not superior breakfast foods?  Especially when one puts chocolate and fruit and sometimes more chocolate on top of them? 

(Also the truck itself is most excellent, being yellow and rectangular and mysteriously both arriving and disappearing every day, which makes me suspect it is akin to the gingerbread houses of witches, except in a non-lethal sort of way.)

In short: wafles & dinges, I recommend them. 

January 02, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: Le Pain Quotidien


(photo ganked from here)

We've got a Le Pain Quotidien down the block from us (actually looking at the 'coming soon' signs down the street, it looks like there may be another within reasonable walking distance in the very near future), and they are an excellent thing.

(When you order hot chocolate at Le Pain Quotidien, you get a bown of steamed milk and a pitcher of chocolate syrup.  To make hot chocolate, combine.  It is like fun interactive activity + breakfast!)

The best part of breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien is the bread.  You can order a basket, and they'll give you multiple kinds -- plus jams and chocolate spread and hazelnut spread to put on top of them.  This clearly rates among the top breakfasts to ever exist. 

December 28, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: Laut Thai


(photo ganked from here)

Laut Thai is a (relatively) new Thai-Malaysian restaurant down on 18th Street.  The last time I went there it was the middle of a snowstorm and my friend and I both ended up soaked and very grateful for their delicious hot soup.

However!  As we have already established, delicious hot soup does not make a good snack, so instead I will discuss Laut's ginger tea.

You know those chewy ginger candies that you find in NYC corner grocery stores, presumably because they are sweet and spicy and delicious and also some sort of palate cleanser? 

Well.  This tea is like that, except it is a tea.  That makes it excellent. 

December 19, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: Tablespoon


(picture ganked from here)

Tablespoon is one of my favorite places to go for a snack in the flatiron district.  They have new kinds of quiche and soup every day (always an excellent thing), but what makes the top of my list is that their brownies are out of this world delicious.

Tablespoon is set up with a food-display/ordering counter in the front, and then lots of (farmhouse-style mismatched) tables in the back for you to seat yourself.  It's super-cute, and there's generally lots of room to sit -- though if you're heading in for a snack, lunchtime tends not to be the best time, as the counter in front is typically mobbed, with lines out the door.

It's worth it for the brownies, though.

December 13, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: Eataly


(photo ganked from here)

For those of you who don't live across the street from Eataly (as we do), it is a combination grocery store-restaurant, and yes, that's exactly as complicated as it sounds.  Eataly is a grocery store with different little restaurant-lets inside where you can eat dessert, pizza, vegetables, meat, etc.  That makes navigating it a bit of a challenge, but it's worth it to get the fresh pasta.

However!  As fresh pasta does not make an excellent snack, today I recommend to you the bread.  Eataly offers an entire bread counter, with at least ten different types of fresh bread every day -- and different types for different days.  My favorite so far?  The black olive baguettes, best eaten with Eataly's green olive tapenade. 

November 23, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: Hale & Hearty


Soup has got to be one of the worst snacks every because it is extremely unportable.  It is liquid!  It sloshes!  You cannot turn it upside-down without peril!

However.  It is now becoming fall, so I am desirous of eating soup just about all the time, as it is warm and typically full of delicious vegetables and possibly grains of some sort if you are really lucky. 

Hale & Hearty opened up down the street from us this year, and they are a store that sells soup for lunch.  That's basically all they do; you go there, they give you soup.  Much soup.  Today's menu, for example, has nineteen different kinds.  It is difficult indeed to believe that much soup exists simultaneously, but they somehow manage to pull it off regardless.

My favorite so far?  They do a soup that is basically liquid mashed potatoes with four kinds of cheese.  So delicious!  And also a delightful afternoon snack with sourdough bread. 

November 11, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: Kelvin Slush


(photo ganked from here)

You know what's a cool thing?

Kelvin Slush.  They take the traditional convenience store concept of a slushie and give it an all-natural (also all-awesome) update.  So you get traditional frozen drink/slush in all-new flavors (it's a mix-and-match) like ginger, citrus, tea, peach, basil and the list goes on.  You may have all of them at once if you would really like.

They are delicious and refreshing and I am currently thinking longingly of them because they aren't out in this now-cooler weather, but their cart typically stops down 5th around 22nd. 

We miss them!

September 27, 2011

Best Office Snacks: Cupcake Stop


Cupcake Stop!

The #1 best thing about the Cupcake Stop is that they are ten feet away from our office door.  They are in a mobile form (as pictured, in a truck), so they are not always ten feet away from our office door, but when they are there, it's so close!  We can have almost-instantaneous-cupcakes whenever we need a mid-morning or lunch or mid-afternoon or late-afternoon or after-work snack!

And they even have flavors like carrot cake and pumpkin for when you want something not-so-sweet.

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