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July 14, 2011

First Second at San Diego: Programs


First Second is sponsoring the following programs at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

THURSDAY 3:30 – 4:30 True StoriesChester Brown (Paying For It), Tom Devlin (Art Director of D&Q), Peter Kuper (Stop Forgetting to Remember), Leland Myrick (Feynman), and Thomas LeBien (Publisher of Hill & Wang’s Novel Graphics line) discuss the ins and outs of non-fiction graphic novel stories.  What are the lines between truth and fiction when images are involved in a story? Room 26AB

THURSDAY 4:30 – 5:30 Comics for Teens – Teen comics creators Cecil Castelluci (Plain Janes), Hope Larson (Mercury), Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole), and Gene Luen Yang (Level Up) come together for a discussion of what make a comic fit a teen audience.  Do books for teens have something special that books for kids and adults don’t have?  Moderated by Scott Westerfeld (New York Times Bestselling Teen Author). Room 26AB

FRIDAY 4:30 – 5:30 Comics in the Library – Librarians Gene Ambaum (Unshelved) Candice Mack (LA Public Library), Mike Pawuk (Cuyahoga County Public Library), and Eva Volin (Alameda Library) come together for a discussion of the place of comics in the library.  Which ones should you buy, where do you shelve them, and how do you convince the people you work with that comics have a real place in the library?  This panel will tell you all this and more.  Moderated by Gina Gagliano (First Second Books). Room 26AB

SATURDAY 5:30 – 6:30 Comics in the Classroom – Teachers Anastasia Betts (UCLA), Christina Blanch (Ball State University), Thien Pham (Bishop O’Dowd High School), and Cheryl Wozniak (San Francisco Public Schools) discuss the place of comics in the classroom.  Moderated by Chris Duffy (Nursery Rhyme Comics). Room 26AB

SUNDAY 10:00 – 11:00 Teen Comics Workshop – Teens!  Join teen comics creators Vera Brosgol (Anya’s Ghost), Thien Pham (Level Up), Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy), and Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) for the interactive comics workshop adventure of your lives.  Learn exciting new things about storytelling!  Character development!  Drawing!  And so much more. Room 30CDE

July 13, 2011

First Second at San Diego: Authors


Interested in authors?  Some of First Second’s best will be at this year’s SDCC.

Leland Myrick: Myrick’s first graphic novel, Missouri Boy, was a Booklist Best of the Year.  Also a contributor to the Flight anthology series, he follows this up with a new graphic nonfiction work, a biography of Richard Feynman.  Feynman will be in stores in August; get an advance look at this stunning new work at the San Diego Comic-Con. 

  • Signing: Thursday, 4:30; First Second Booth 1323

Dave Roman: New York Times-Bestselling author Dave Roman presents his first work as author/illustrator, Astronaut AcademyABC’s Good Morning Connecticut calls it “hysterical.” And Comic Book Resources says, “Astronaut Academy is wonderful, and you should read it.”

  • Signing: Friday, 11:00; First Second Booth 1323
  • Signing: Saturday, 2:00; Autographing Area 2
  • Signing: Sunday, 11:30; First Second Booth 1323

Gene Luen Yang and Thien Pham: Two-time Eisner Award Winner, Printz Award winner, and National Book Award Honor recipient Gene Luen Yang returns to San Diego for his third Eisner nomination and with a new book -- with art by Thien Pham: Level UpWired calls this entry in the Tiger Mother debate, “A fascinating look into the tension between parents with high (and rigid) expectations and kids who have their own ideas about how to live.”

  • Signing: Friday, 3:00; First Second Booth 1323
  • Signing: Saturday, 2:00; Autographing Area 2
  • Signing: Sunday, 2:00; First Second Booth 1323

Vera Brosgol: Brosgol’s debut graphic novel, Anya’s Ghost, has been getting rave reviews from around the industry – from Neil Gaiman’s declaration: “A masterpiece,” to The New York Times: “Remarkable. . . . with an attitude and aptitude reminiscent of Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis), Brosgol has created a smart, funny and compassionate portrait of someone who, for all her sulking and sneering, is the kind of daughter many parents would like to have. And the kind of girl many of us maybe once were.”  Anya’s Ghost is an Amazon Best of the Year graphic novel, the only teen graphic novel to be so recognized. 

  • Signing: Friday, 2:00; First Second Booth 1323
  • Signing: Saturday, 2:00; Autographing Area 2
  • Signing: Sunday, 3:00; First Second Booth 1323

July 12, 2011

First Second at San Diego: Awards


First Second graphic novels are up for FOUR Eisner Award this year.

The Unsinkable Walker Bean, by Aaron Renier – an ABA Independent Bookstore Bestseller! 

  • “Everything you want from a rip-roaring adventure: Exciting, deep, funny, and scary, with tremendous villains and valor galore.” -- Booklist

Prime Baby, by Gene Luen Yang

  • “Delightful.” – BoingBoing

Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil

  • “A heartbreaking story . . . not just about tyranny, loss, and grief, but a celebration of the will to live.” – Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran

And Hilary Sycamore, First Second’s colorist, receives a nomination for her work on the First Second titles City of Spies, Resistance, Booth, Brain Camp, and Solomon’s Thieves

July 05, 2011

Tonight: Dave Roman and Molly Crabapple at the New York Review of Science Fiction

It's NYRSF's first comics event ever, and thererfore it can't help but be awesome, right? 

Details here.

June 27, 2011

Sailor Twain -- Sunset Sail


One of our favorite webcomics is Sailor Twain, and we therefore feel very lucky to be its eventual publisher.

If you've been following along for this saga of mermaids the the Hudson River and steamboats and occasional letter-writing, now you have a chance to meet the author (the esteemed Mark Siegel) in person whilst on an evening riverboat cruise down the Hudson.

The Sailor Twain Sunset Sail is August 5th from 6pm - 9pm; tickets are available here

All the proceeds from tickets will go to support Clearwater, a foundation dedicated to supporting and preserving the Hudson River. 

May 19, 2011

NYPL Centennial

(now with legos, ice cream, and also comics)


(image ganked from here)

The New York Public Library is celebrating its centennial this year; congratulations to them!  Actually, to be more specific, they're celebrating this weekend.  And there are comics involved!  (And also much other cool stuff.)  Go check out their schedule

May 17, 2011

MECAF: This Weekend!


If you're going to be in Maine this weekend, don't miss MECAF, the Maine Comics Art Festival. 

Also: isn't Zack Giallongo's poster art lovely?  Watch this space; about this time next year we'll be starting to run previews of Zack's first book, forthcoming from First Second!

May 15, 2011

All of the Things Astronaut Academy


I so liked what The Hieroglyphic Streets did for Koko Be Good that I'm going to attempt to do the same thing for Astronaut Academy here, except with a less verbose review at the beginning because I want to save things to talk about for this book when it comes out (in just a month!). 

The summary: Hakata Soy needs a place to hide while his supervillain nemesis is after him.  He just never thought it'd be middle school!  But with classes like Wearing Cute Hats and Fire-Throwing, and classmates who share their talents at space-walks and dinosaur racing, Hakata soon decides that this place oculd be sort of okay after all.  If only his evil robot double hadn't sneaked by the admissions board, bent on death and explosions for everyone!

This book was written by Dave Roman; his website is here.  You can follow him on twitter here; he's also got a tumblr specificially for this book with lots of neat art and process stuff.  Because we are his publisher, there is a page for his book on our website; you can read an excerpt there.  If you are interest in a three-minute intro, there's a video trailer.  Fleen calls this book "a delight from start to finish."  GoodReads reviews are positive; my favorite starts out, "You ain't never seen anything quite like this before."  The Graphic Novel Reporter calls it "wildly funny and inventive;" The Examiner calls it "kind of odd" and then proceeds to give it five stars.  ICv2 thinks it is full of "oddness and sincerity;" whilst The Comics Waiting Room boldly declares, "there will not be a better all-ages graphic novel published this year."  "This book definitely has a lot of laughs," says ComixTalk.  PW features in their Call-Out 2011 Graphic Novels piece, then later reviews; and if you'd like to watch the author himself talk about this book, you can do that at Stumptown Trade Review.  And: still my favorite piece about this book, from CBR

(Also, there's a launch party!  That's what the flyer on top is for.  You should come!)

May 14, 2011

TCAF: A Few Short Notes


I run the programming for TCAF, so when people at our parent company ask me how the convention went my general response has been, 'All the programming happened!  Pretty much on time!  And people came to it!' 

I realize that this may not be a good summary of the show as a whole, though. 

Possibly my favorite thing about TCAF is that it is full of things.

You know how you sometimes go places (be they comics conventions or water parks or family reunions) and they are scheduled to be X amount of time long, but actually you are done in X amount of time minus 2 hours and you just have to grin and bear it for those last two hours or else leave?

Between the variety of authors, the new books at the show, the amount of evening events (I left on Monday afternoon, and there were still going to be three different things that night!), the art on display, and the programming, there are many things to look at all of the time.  Guaranteed.  And there is an excellent balance between traditional things and new/cool things, so that you may buy your favorite graphic novelist's fourth book and then acquire a mini-comic from someone you've never heard of before. 

In summary: TCAF yay!

Also: in Canada they have these things that are like spiral-y rolled-up cinnamon rolls, except that instead of being sweet and full of butter and sugar and cinnamon and sometimes nuts or raisins, they are savory and have pesto and cheese in the spiral-y rolled-up bit.  New 2012 goal: figure out how to make these at home!

May 02, 2011

:01 & The Toronto Comics Art Festival


We are not going to be exhibiting at TCAF this year, which makes us very sad, as we like it so.  But in lieu of that, there are going to be many :01 personages there for you to interact with.  So you should do that, especially as they are awesome. 

:01 Books You Will Be Able to Acquire Copies of from Their Creators In Exchange for Cookies And/Or Successful Answering of Trivia Questions:




(Why buy comics with money when you can instead acquire them through trivia-knowledge & comics-related quests?  Something to consider.)

Also in attendance at TCAF this year are :01 Editor Calista Brill and :01 Designer Colleen AF Venable.  So if you are coming to TCAF and have burning :01-related questions that cannot be communicated via our mail@ e-mail account, keep a sharp eye out for them!

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