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April 24, 2012

MoCCA Festival 2012

We're there, at table F1, with lots of amazing authors and copies of our new books from our winter season (also pretty amazing, I have to tell you).  How about you?

MoCCA Fest

Here's what we're doing:
(all signings are at our table)

(exhibits 11am - 6pm)

11:15: PANEL: Kids Comics -- with Jorge Aguirre, Giants Beware!
1:15: WORKSHOP: Checklist for a New Comic -- with Matt Madden and Jessica Abel, Mastering Comics
2pm: SIGNING: Jorge Aguirre, Giants Beware!
4pm: SIGNING: Joe Infurnari, Mush!
5pm: SIGNING: Derek Kirk Kim, Same Difference

(exhibits 11am - 6pm)

11am: SIGNING: Dave Roman, Astronaut Academy
11:15: PANEL: Young Adult Graphic Novels -- with Derek Kirk Kim, Same Difference, and sister-company guest-star Kevin Pyle, Take What You Can Carry
1pm: SIGNING: George O'Connor, Hades: Lord of the Dead
3pm: SIGNING: MK Reed, Americus

Looking forward to seeing you there!

April 17, 2012

First Second at TLA

Where in the world is First Second?

We're currently in Houston, setting up for the Texas Library Association show


It's my first time at TLA, so I'm very excited to be there, having heard nothing but good things about it.  Now I shall see for myself!

For all you attending TLA, we're bringing author Ben Hatke -- who wrote and illustrated Zita the Spacegirl, and its sequel Legends of Zita the Spacegirl, which (if the gods-of-mailing smile upon us) we shall have a limited number of advance copies of at the show.  Ben is excellent, and he may even do flips upon request!  Also he draws things.

Ben will be speaking at the Friday 8am Texas Maverick program, signing in the autographing area at 10am, and then talking to Texas teenagers after that!

Zita the Spacegirl is a candidate for the very prestigious Texas Bluebonnet Award this year.

We hope to see you in Texas!  We're at booth 1700, exhibiting with our parent company Macmillan. 

November 15, 2011

:01 5th Anniversary Party Tonight!


Our fifth anniversary party is tonight at 7pm at McNally Jackson!  We'd love to see you there. 

More details here

November 03, 2011

:01 5th Anniversary Party


McNally Jackson is throwing us a party for our fifth anniversary!

It's going to be on November 15th at 7pm, and there will be many authors there!  Also alcohol and cookies, if those are things that tempt you. 

We'd love to get the chance to see you -- and celebrate with you!

October 13, 2011

:01 and NYCC


One final reminder about New York Comic-Con!  It is today!! We're going to be there!!!  Here are the things we are doing!!!! 

You should come see us. 

And our many authors!  Nick Bertozzi Joe Flood Ben Hatke Dave Roman Scott Campbell Nick Abadizs Sara Varon George O'Connor Carla Jablonski MK Reed Leonard Marcus Raina Telgemeier and Stephanie Yue!!

October 06, 2011

New York Comic-Con

First Second's will be at next week's New York Comic-Con!  We've got booth 1730, and we've got lots of most excellent authors signing with us.  You should stop by!



12:30 – Nick Bertozzi, Lewis & Clark

2:00 – Joe Flood, Orcs

3:30 – Ben Hatke, Zita the Spacegirl



11:00 – Sara Varon, Bake Sale

12:30 – Nursery Rhyme Comics, with Nick Abadzis, Scott Campbell, and Dave Roman

2:00 – Dave Roman, Astronaut Academy

3:30 – George O’Connor, Hera

4:30 – Joe Flood, Orcs



10:00 – Ben Hatke, Zita the Spacegirl

11:00 – Carla Jablonski, Defiance

12:30 – MK Reed, Americus

2:00 – Nursery Rhyme Comics, with Leonard Marcus, Dave Roman, Raina Telgemeier, Sara Varon, and Stephanie Yue


We're also doing a workshop with nursery rhymes for kids at 12:15 on Sunday; it's going to be a whole lot of fun. 

We'd love to see you.

September 15, 2011

Brooklyn Book Festival


Some of our authors will be there this weekend.  So we'll be around as well.

Maybe you too?

The full slate of comics programming is here

The Brooklyn Book Festival always does a great job with their event; lots of authors, lots of books, and lots of great conversation.  How can you resist?

July 22, 2011

To Do This Weekend: Olympians!


The latest of George O'Connor's Olympians graphic novels comes out this week, and to celebrate, join the workshop/bacchanalia at Bergen Street Comics tomorrow night.  Prepare for godlike snacks!

More about Hera online here

July 20, 2011

Possibly the Best Thing You Will Find at Comic-Con



July 14, 2011

Bergen Street Comics


(this photo is from somewhere. on the internet.)

What follows is a short post in praise of Bergen Street Comics. 

At this point, it is difficult to count the number of people who have come to me to say, 'There's this new comics store in Brooklyn and I went in and they were awesome!'

At which point I say, 'Oh, you must be talking about Bergen Street Comics.'

I am right 100% of the time.

A mysterious unnamed person I was talking to just yesterday about a mostly-completely unrelated topic (ice cream) suddenly proclaimed mid-conversation -- 'There's this comics store!  It seems like they should be the model for all comics stores across the US!'

I was unsurprised to find that the store he thought so highly of was Bergen Street. 

Here's the thing: the hype is accurate.  The store is lovely; they have a great selection of books for all sorts of people, including small ones (kids) and people who have already read much of everything (me); they also usually have original art up on the walls, which makes the store even lovelier; their events have many people and champagne, and they're even in a good neighborhood for pre/post event food!  And they're also friendly and helpful and good at hand-selling! 

What more could you want in a store?

One more reason to go there, especially next Saturday:


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