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December 08, 2011

Brain Routers

(from the desk of Derek Kirk Kim)


When I was re-reading Same Difference in preparation for the new hardcover edition, it occurred to me how rooted the story is in the time of its creation. I don’t mean the art style or the writing or the human story of the book -– although others might feel differently -– I mean how much the world has changed in just the last 7 years since the original release. It struck me how much of the story would have to be re-written if I were to write the story today. For example, a major plot thread involves letters being delivered to one of the protagonist’s apartment addressed to the previous resident. That whole story element would have to be replaced today since no one writes letters anymore. It would have to done with email or something similar, which -- let’s face it -- isn’t quite as interesting or dramatic

I actually ran into a similar problem in my newest project, “Mythomania,” in which Andy, the main protagonist, receives a rejection letter from a publisher to whom he has submitted a manuscript. Immediately, one the most frequent complaints I received was the fact that no publisher mails letters anymore. But all I remember during that stage of my own life trying to break into publishing -– from which time I am drawing this story –- are rejection letters. Email existed when I was in my early twenties, but it wasn't the dominant form of communication yet. So to update the story, I made sure to include printed email rejection letters in Andy’s collection as well as letters, but that wasn’t enough to suspend the viewers’ disbelief. Just the inclusion of a single paper letter was enough to take the viewer out of the story. The world has really changed.

But there are some things that never change. Like the gnawing ravages of guilt, and the swatches of cruelty so haphazardly slapped around when we’re young. Which is what Same Difference is really about. And I hope that will be relevant whether it’s read on tree pulp between vinyl covers or having the pages streamed directed into the router in our brains a thousand years from now.

Although I have to admit –- and if you don’t mind me channeling Andy Rooney a little bit since he’s no longer around to grumble about this for me –- I feel a little bit wistful that future generations, maybe in 50 years, will never know the joy of cracking open a new book and smelling the paper. Or the thrill of opening your mailbox to a long letter from an old friend on foreign stationary or a zine from a distant admirer. Oh well, that’s a small price to pay for every single book you could ever possibly read in your lifetime and endless videos of cats playing instruments magically stored in a phone the size of a Pop Rocks packet, I suppose.

October 13, 2010

Derek Kirk Kim Art

You guys!

Derek is offering for sale some of the pages from the Eisner Award-winning story "Urgent Request" in The Eternal Smile


They're the watercolor ones!  And they're completely gorgeous.  I actually have one of them hanging up in my house, so you can stamp 'First Second Employee Approved' on this whole art sale thing.

Buy art!  It is pretty!  And also award-winning!

April 24, 2009

Go See Derek Kirk Kim (and other cool people)

An Evening with Derek Kirk Kim, Sarah Oleksyk and Jesse Reklaw at Powell's Books.


Derek Kirk Kim, Sarah Oleksyk, and Jesse Reklaw read from their latest works at Powell's Books this coming Monday, April 27th. Kim will debut his latest graphic novel, "The Eternal Smile" (in collaboration with writer Gene Luen Yang) from First Second Books, Oleksyk will read from a brand new chapter in her "Ivy" series, and Reklaw will read from his recently released "The Night of Your Life" from Dark Horse Comics. A Q+A and signing will follow the reading.

October 15, 2007

On the Ginormous Book Market

From the drawing board of Derek Kirk Kim

[This post was originally written in my private journal on 8-31-07, a couple weeks after my latest book, Good As Lily, had hit bookstores.]




I stopped by my local Barnes & Noble this afternoon to see how Good As Lily was doing. This particular Barnes & Noble is a mid-sized one with 2 floors and an escalator. It's mammoth. On my way out, I was coming down the escalator, gazing out at the endless battalions of shelves. As I was being slowly lowered into this vast ocean of books, it really hit me what a microscopic portion of this world I really was. What a pointless, insignificant drop in the bucket my little book was. Just another book among millions. Nothing special – a simple-minded diversion, at best. Am I so egotistical to believe that someone should choose my book over the hundreds and thousands of books in that store? Does my book even deserve to be read when someone could fill his or her mind, imagination, and spirit with The Catcher in the Rye or American Born Chinese or Carl Sagan's Cosmos instead? How can I expect someone to dish out their hard-earned, minimum-wage money on the drivel that is my writing when there are so many – SO MANY – books they could read instead. It's truly a blessing – a miracle, really! – that any of my books sell at all. It's easy to forget that.


Oh, and not one copy of Good As Lily had been sold, just in case you were wondering.



March 17, 2006

Healing Hands reminder


For those who need the reminder: Derek Kirk Kim is posting his HEALING HANDS (book due out with :01) panel by panel at his own "Comics to make love to" (!!!) website.

I couldn't wish for a better serial -- each frame is worth savoring, delectable writing, and Mr DKK is proving SAME DIFFERENCE wasn't accidental genius. What a treat.

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