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April 20, 2012

Spacegirl Limericks


There once was a girl who had to save the world
After to a strange outerspace planet she was hurled
She tried her best
Her friends did the rest
At the end, the planet still peacefully whirled.

I love this book!  It's just super.  We're publishing a sequel in September, Legends of Zita the Spacegirl.  If you liked the first book, we recommend you check out #2 -- it has a giant cat friend for the giant mouse!  (Also there is a plot, which I will not reveal.)

April 16, 2012

Give-Away: Mastering Comics


We've just gotten copies in the office of Mastering Comics, the companion book to Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's seminal comics textbook Drawing Words and Writing Pictures.  It looks great!  We're very excited about it.  And so should everyone else be who wants to learn more about making comics!

We're doing a give-away on GoodReads to celebrate.  You should go check it out!

April 13, 2012

Olympic Limericks


There once was a god who had all the power
Before him, his wife and children did cower.
Then one day he learned
Play mean you'll get burned
He was no longer the god of the hour.

This book is the first of George O'Connor's Olympians books: they start out good and only get better! 

April 11, 2012

Fall 2012: It's That Time Again

Our Fall 2012 books are now up on NetGalley so that teachers, librarians, retailers, and media can download early pdfs for review. 

We're very proud of this fall season -- how could we NOT be proud of a season that has both giant cats and sumo wrestling, seriously? -- and we hope you enjoy our books! 

(as usual, any questions, send me e-mail: [email protected])

April 06, 2012

Revolution Limericks


Once in Iran there was a revolution
But it didn't agree with some's constitution
The people in power
Stayed in their tower
And no one yet has found a good solution.

(This book is really something unique -- a revolutionary book about revolution, set in Iran.  You should read it!)

March 30, 2012

Summer Vacation Limericks


Once, upon a very small island
Three summer sisters planned
To have some fun
Under the bright sun
The flames of adventure were fanned.

This is a lovely story with absolutely gorgeous art; if you haven't seen it, definitely check it out. 

March 23, 2012

Sad Vampire Limericks


There once was a vampire who was always in love
He and broken hearts went hand-in-glove.
The girls he met
Wouldn't fall in his net
So he waited for a miracle from above.

This book is just super -- Ferdinand is such an adorablely hapless vampire that you just want to say 'aw.'  Also, he likes cats!  Where can you go wrong?

March 20, 2012

Leo Geo


You guys!

This book is super-fun. 

The internet is being deceptive in displaying this book, because it's actually just over a foot wide.  And then you turn it on its side and our Heroic Scientific Protagonist travels down into the center of the earth, encountering math and miscellaneous monsters and also some of the best skeletons as he goes. 

You may have seen the mini-comic version of this, but now it's a book with an ISBN and a colorful paper-over-board cover and everything!  This is the most fun you'll have with science this month. 

Jon Chad is one of the instructors at CCS; if you don't know him, he is also super-fun.  You can find more about him (and about this book) here.

March 16, 2012

Give-Away: The Moon Moth


I love this cover!

We're giving away copies of this fascinating science fiction mystery, The Moon Moth, on GoodReads.  Go check it out! 

This book comes out in May, so this is your first chance to see it!  (Though we have excerpt pages up on our website, of course.)

Unsinkable Limericks


There once was a boy who was named Walker
He was a do-er, not a talk-er.
So when things went wrong
He fixed them with song
The mer-witch was no longer his stalker. 

(This book only has a passing resemblance to this limerick, though the things I describe in the limerick do happen in the book. Curious!)

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