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6 posts from January 2012

January 27, 2012

Silent Limericks


America has been a country beset with strife
The sixties -- not the time for the quiet life.
This story is one sample
Part of a larger example
Of the stories with which the sixties were rife.

If you haven't checked out this book (four weeks on the NYT Best-Seller list this winter!), whyever not?  It is very much worth it.

January 20, 2012

Outer Space Limericks


Small children rocketing about outer space!
They have adventures all over the place!
Until Supermuscleman
Comes in with a plan
Then the kids will just kick him in the face!

Let me just say, Sardine has one of the most excellent cats ever.  It has such a wonderful hat to sit on!  And it flies!  What more could you ask of a cat?  I ask you. 

January 13, 2012

Different (But Similar) Limericks


Once upon a time there was published a book

Here at First Second we gave it a new look.

The fish float on top

On the jacket they stop

The new look gives this book a new hook.

We love the way our designer, Colleen AF Venable, made the new hardcover edition of Same Difference look!  She is super.

January 06, 2012

Robot Limericks


There once was a robot and a dog

They went together, like the gears of a cog.

The dog went away

He's gone to this day

While the robot must continue the daily slog. 

This is one of my favorite books that we have published.  Ever. 

January 04, 2012

JOANN SFAR documentary screening in NY

Hear ye! Here's the first chance to see the new documentary by Sam Ball, about the excellent and prolific and deliriously talented Joann Sfar!

Check out this preview first:


Joann Sfar Draws From Memory, director Sam Ball’s documentary portrait of the French comics artist and filmmaker (DungeonThe Rabbi’s CatLittle Vampire) will receive its world-premiere screening at 8:30 p.m. Jan. 25 at the Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater in New York City.

The film follows Sfar to his favorite neighborhood spots and muses about his artistic process and the influence of his Algerian and Eastern European heritage. Tickets are still available for the screening, which also includes the U.S. premiere of The Silent Historian and a Q&A with Ball and executive producer Valerie Joseph.


January 02, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: Le Pain Quotidien


(photo ganked from here)

We've got a Le Pain Quotidien down the block from us (actually looking at the 'coming soon' signs down the street, it looks like there may be another within reasonable walking distance in the very near future), and they are an excellent thing.

(When you order hot chocolate at Le Pain Quotidien, you get a bown of steamed milk and a pitcher of chocolate syrup.  To make hot chocolate, combine.  It is like fun interactive activity + breakfast!)

The best part of breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien is the bread.  You can order a basket, and they'll give you multiple kinds -- plus jams and chocolate spread and hazelnut spread to put on top of them.  This clearly rates among the top breakfasts to ever exist.