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October 10, 2011

Flatiron Snacks: The Shake Shack


Whatever else you have to say about the Shake Shack, you have to admit: they have an excellent graphic designer.  Look at that hamburger graphic!  Is that not all the things you wish for a hamburger to be?  (Yes, it really is.)

But I specifically wanted to recommend their custard before it gets too cold to recommend cold outdoor things to anyone.  So: instead of ice cream, the Shake Shack makes custard (which is like ice cream, but with egg yolks, which makes it richer and creamier).  It is delicious!  And, if you're just getting a custard order, you can stand in their B line, which is much shorter and more convenient than the regular line; you're generally out in between five and fifteen minutes.

What's not to like? 

They do chocolate and vanilla (and you can get mix-ins; I am especially fond of the peanut butter sauce, which I wish every ice cream place would have) and a special daily custard flavor.  My favorite so far this year?  Basil!



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