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July 28, 2011

Dear Internet, a Quick :01 Update

Internet!  Hello.

SDCC 135

You have not heard from :01 in a while, probably because we have spent the past week going to San Diego and then coming back to San Diego and then dealing with post-San Diego-exploded inboxes (which tend to happen specifically to us because the book industry does not believe in scheduling around San Diego, sensibly for them but not as much for us).  We got back from the balmy climes of the American southwest just in time to experience this excellent hostage situation across the street yesterday; let me tell you, five years in NYC and that was the first time there were gunshots anywhere near me.  So much for Brooklyn being the dangerous part of the city. 

SDCC 136

However!  There was San Diego, we went to it and had much rejoicing with authors Vera Brosgol, Leland Myrick, Dave Roman, Gene Yang and Thien Pham, as they are awesome and our common practice when encountering authors is to have rejoicing with them. 

SDCC 174

Now we are back and New York is much less hot than it was last week -- I feel weirdly guilty for missing 103 degree temperatures; isn't it my responsibility as a New Yorker to bear such things, either stoically or with much complaining, not to leave town during them? -- and regular function resumes.

Publishing comics!  It's good to get back to it.

Historical Limericks


There once was a man who saved the US

It was the year 1634 by anyone's guess

He went up to the north

Solved the problem at the source

And put Dutch Manhattan back in the atlas.

(This limerick!  It doesn't make a lot of sense, probably because I am San Diego-ly out of practice.  But it is about a very interesting and good historical book, Journey Into Mohawk Country, which you should check out.  Two limericks in a row for George O'Connor!)

July 22, 2011

To Do This Weekend: Olympians!


The latest of George O'Connor's Olympians graphic novels comes out this week, and to celebrate, join the workshop/bacchanalia at Bergen Street Comics tomorrow night.  Prepare for godlike snacks!

More about Hera online here

Cowboy Limericks


There once was a cowboy who was not very good

at bank heists, train robberies, the things that he should

be doing if he wants to stay alive

Though nonetheless he still did thrive

On the beautiful women he loved as much as he could. 

I love this cover!  It is the orangest cover to ever orange.  And the book is lovely too.

July 20, 2011

Possibly the Best Thing You Will Find at Comic-Con



July 18, 2011

True Confessions

from the desk of Carla Jablonski


I have always been a voracious reader. I vividly -- and viscerally -- recall the victory of recognizing “the,” “who,” and “and” in Horton Hears A Who. (Hey, you gotta start somewhere!). But I stopped reading comics when I started spending my allowance on eye shadow and lip gloss instead of Betty and Veronica on the way home from school. That changed when I was asked to write novelizations of Neil Gaiman’s Books of Magic series; to turn comics into novels for young adult readers. As with most of my projects I started with research. First on the Gaiman oevure, and then on comics in general. I was plunged into a far more intriguing world than the one I had left, one that wasn’t limited to superhero stories or assumed the readers were boys.

Soon the playwright in me (I’ve had a number of plays produced) began analyzing comics in terms of story-through-dialogue and gesture. Through what is conveyed by the stage (or page) picture so that text isn’t required. I stepped up my education, and that voracious reader got fed a steady diet of a wildly different comics and graphic novels. When it looked like Resistance was going to be a “go” I even took a drawing class -- not because I thought I’d be able to draw the story myself (I’m no fool), but to train myself to think more visually.  

Now I’m hooked. As a reader and a writer. And now when I have a new idea I have to not just figure out if it’s a prose piece or a play, I also have to decide if the story would be better served as a graphic novel. Which I have to confess is a really exciting problem to have.  

Defiance, the next volume in the Resistance trilogy, comes out tomorow.

July 15, 2011

Band Limericks


There once were four kids who were in a band.

Their success was self-made; life never lent them a hand

They would've done good

Didn't know that they should

But things can be good despite being not what you planned.

I love this book!  I think it's one of the best YA novels about succeeding despite not being perfect that there has been ever. 

July 14, 2011

Bergen Street Comics


(this photo is from somewhere. on the internet.)

What follows is a short post in praise of Bergen Street Comics. 

At this point, it is difficult to count the number of people who have come to me to say, 'There's this new comics store in Brooklyn and I went in and they were awesome!'

At which point I say, 'Oh, you must be talking about Bergen Street Comics.'

I am right 100% of the time.

A mysterious unnamed person I was talking to just yesterday about a mostly-completely unrelated topic (ice cream) suddenly proclaimed mid-conversation -- 'There's this comics store!  It seems like they should be the model for all comics stores across the US!'

I was unsurprised to find that the store he thought so highly of was Bergen Street. 

Here's the thing: the hype is accurate.  The store is lovely; they have a great selection of books for all sorts of people, including small ones (kids) and people who have already read much of everything (me); they also usually have original art up on the walls, which makes the store even lovelier; their events have many people and champagne, and they're even in a good neighborhood for pre/post event food!  And they're also friendly and helpful and good at hand-selling! 

What more could you want in a store?

One more reason to go there, especially next Saturday:


First Second at San Diego: Programs


First Second is sponsoring the following programs at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

THURSDAY 3:30 – 4:30 True StoriesChester Brown (Paying For It), Tom Devlin (Art Director of D&Q), Peter Kuper (Stop Forgetting to Remember), Leland Myrick (Feynman), and Thomas LeBien (Publisher of Hill & Wang’s Novel Graphics line) discuss the ins and outs of non-fiction graphic novel stories.  What are the lines between truth and fiction when images are involved in a story? Room 26AB

THURSDAY 4:30 – 5:30 Comics for Teens – Teen comics creators Cecil Castelluci (Plain Janes), Hope Larson (Mercury), Nate Powell (Swallow Me Whole), and Gene Luen Yang (Level Up) come together for a discussion of what make a comic fit a teen audience.  Do books for teens have something special that books for kids and adults don’t have?  Moderated by Scott Westerfeld (New York Times Bestselling Teen Author). Room 26AB

FRIDAY 4:30 – 5:30 Comics in the Library – Librarians Gene Ambaum (Unshelved) Candice Mack (LA Public Library), Mike Pawuk (Cuyahoga County Public Library), and Eva Volin (Alameda Library) come together for a discussion of the place of comics in the library.  Which ones should you buy, where do you shelve them, and how do you convince the people you work with that comics have a real place in the library?  This panel will tell you all this and more.  Moderated by Gina Gagliano (First Second Books). Room 26AB

SATURDAY 5:30 – 6:30 Comics in the Classroom – Teachers Anastasia Betts (UCLA), Christina Blanch (Ball State University), Thien Pham (Bishop O’Dowd High School), and Cheryl Wozniak (San Francisco Public Schools) discuss the place of comics in the classroom.  Moderated by Chris Duffy (Nursery Rhyme Comics). Room 26AB

SUNDAY 10:00 – 11:00 Teen Comics Workshop – Teens!  Join teen comics creators Vera Brosgol (Anya’s Ghost), Thien Pham (Level Up), Dave Roman (Astronaut Academy), and Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) for the interactive comics workshop adventure of your lives.  Learn exciting new things about storytelling!  Character development!  Drawing!  And so much more. Room 30CDE

July 13, 2011


...Derek Kirk Kim's hilarious new video series?


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