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June 06, 2011

Comics & Video Games: A Book List

I haven't done a book list in a while, so clearly it is that sort of time!  In honor of Level Up's publication this week, I thought I had better do one about video games.  It turns out to be short, either because I'm not very good at reading comics that are about video games (not based on, about!) or because there aren't that many of them.  Let me know about ones I'm forgetting in the comments!


This is the obvious one, right?  I think that in this day and age, if people say 'video game comics,' they think Scott Pilgrim.  So I am satisfying everyones' predetermined preferences by putting this first.  A short summary: in this book, there are video games and also Canada and twenty-something love. 


And here's the least obvious answer.  I debated not putting the Lifemeter anthologies in here because they're very much independently produced and some of them are mini-comics, but I love them so!  So I didn't resist.  They're basically collections of 'video game inspired comics' from a lot of creators, and they're adorable!


I love Matt Loux's art!  This was his first book ever, and it's gorgeous even then.  Also there is a demon-cat. 


Gene Yang and Thien Pham's latest book; possibly more about med school and parenting strategy than about video games, but with this cover, who could tell?  (And there are totally video games inside guys, I swear.)

Penny Arcade 1

Oh, Penny Arcade.  You are the archetype of all comics about video games.  And there is bacon on the cover of your book.  Clearly one cannot go wrong here.

Happy reading, everyone!


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