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March 16, 2011

Comics for Small People

So you like comics.  And then you have babies.  (Or maybe your friends and relatives do.)  But!  It turns out that babies are not big on the comics classics except as dinner!


What do you do?!?

It turns out that there are some excellent comics that people make specifically for small people.  Regard:


This is one of the cutest comics that ever was.  Also it's really lovely; there is outer space and polar bears and flying and music and adventure and homecoming.  So really: the Campbellian heroic epic, in comics format, entirely silent, for age 4. 


Andy Runton's Owly series is lovely and charming, and this is my favorite of the lot.  These comics are black and white, completely silent, and feature much friendship and problem-solving.  What could be better?


Possibly the answer to the above question is: pirates!  Because pirates always win, being that they are rapscallions.  This book features such creatures, in a Gilbert&Sullivan-esque comics-format operatic piecce. 


This is a very BIG book for very small children.  Five classic wolf stories -- like Little Red Riding Hood -- come together amusingly in this tale of a top-hatted wolf and his desire to catch some dinner. 


Every time I read this book, I am sad that Jordan Crane does not just write books for kids all the time.  I would read a new one every day. 


Everything that Eleanor Davis makes turns out to be awesome.  If you are not reading her, it is at great loss to you. 

And if your friendly neighborhood babies do not like these books, at least you will be supporting excellent cartoonists!  And, until they develop some proper literary taste, there is colorful paper-based dinner for the babies.


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