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February 01, 2011

First Second goes to Finland!

Hey, ma! I'm in the Helsingin Sanomat! (A big Finnish newspaper.) This was apparently published as part of an article about Finnish comics publishers at Angoulême.

Calista Brill

It's been a while, so my Finnish is pretty darn shakey. I can tell you what I'm saying, though: "I studied the Kalevala! [the Finnish folk-epic] Finnish is a great language to sing in!"

These things are both true - so thanks to the Finnish media for not misquoting me!


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Oh, and she (Kirsi) did not! I <3 Kirsi but she had no time for showing you the BEST of Finnish comics. Please write and I will send you the ABSOLUTE BEST.

You're most welcome. I do my best even if the quote was second hand through Kirsi. The whole think is an article about the Finns and some other things at the Angoulême Comics Fest. I wrote and Ville Ranta drew.

PS. Say hello to Taggart. We've met a couple of times.

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