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February 17, 2011

Aaron Renier's West Coast Wanderings

Aaron Renier is absolutely awesomesauce, and I dare anyone to disagree with me on this front.  I would offer to fight about it, but the above self-portrait Aaron sent me makes me think that he and his dog would do a much better job at it than I would.  So: if you disagree, you can fight him.  See how viciously he wields that pencil?  Clearly he's a professional at dog-riding authorial polo.

Aaron's going to be doing some events out on the west coast for the next week and a half, the first of which is in just a few hours!  If you're in the area, you should drop everything to go him.

Full schedule here.

(That link will lead you to Aaron's blog, which also contains some recounting of his time at the Sendak Fellowship!  So neat!  Go read!)


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