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December 14, 2010

Kampung Boy

A few years ago, we published two books by the Malaysian cartoonist Lat: Kampung Boy and Town Boy.


TownBoy copy

(here are covers!)

It's always interesting to read graphic novels from around the world because the pictures give you a window into other peoples' lives in a way that's both visual and personal. And Lat does an amazing job just opening a window into a world that's individual and fascinating. 

There is also added bonus interest, because he created these books around the time of Malaysia's industrialization movement, so he's writing and drawing about a time period that was rapidly disintegrating and re-forming into something new. 

In conclusion: Malaysia is very different from the United States!  And if you didn't know this already firsthand, you can read these books and find out exactly how.


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I was hoping you were gonna say there are more Lat books on the way! I love looking at his drawings. These two books are great.

These books were so transporting! Thank you for making them available in the U.S.

Jed Henry


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