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September 20, 2010

Reviews We'd Like All the Time, Please

You know what's awesome? 

Reviews that really get what the books they're reviewing are about.  Strangely, this actually happens somewhat infrequently. 

This is not to slight the excellent reviewers that exist around the internet and in print media.  There are many of them! 

It's just that sometimes, you get books that resonate with you on some inner psychological level, and you are like, 'THAT!  I recognize that!'

Then sometimes, reviewers manage to encapsulate the THAT you felt in their review.  They know exactly what you were feeling when you were reading the book!  It's like the best form of communication.

So you should take a look at this review of Koko Be Good, which starts out: 

"You know that phase in your life where you wanted to be a research scientist or an astronaut or a novelist or a social worker or whatever because you really wanted to change the world and then, eventually, you ended up dropping out of college because you didn't really want to be a research scientist and weren't sure what you wanted to do but you needed to figure it out and then your friend actually became a research scientist and you felt like a jerk?"

And it just gets better from there.

You know what is also awesome? 

Reviews that straight-facedly use a photo of Alec Longstreth holding The Unsinkable Walker Bean to provide hard evidence that pirates will like this book.  (It's the beard that gives him his piratical air, I think.)  Also reviews that call it "a great rolling cannonball o’ fun."

What an excellent Monday it is turning out to be. 


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