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September 14, 2010


I'm becoming somewhat obsessed with pirates.  I blame the whole thing on Aaron Renier, who kindly created a book for us where 50% of the action happens on board a ship in an alternative Napoleonic-era worldlet. 

Subsidiary blame gets assigned to Drew Weing, whose Set to Sea I got to see this weekend at SPX (but alas, have not yet read -- soon!), and Yuko Ota, who signed a book for me with a character who was wearing a three-masted galleon as a hat!  And also these two books (prose, mysterious!) that I happened to read as well.

This is all coincidence, mind you.  But I'm wondering if there are cultural cycles that are spinning a return of the pirate post-Pirates of the Caribbean in 2007.  Or maybe it just takes that long for the literary consumer cycles to echo the movie ones? 

In any case: Talk Like a Pirate Day is this Sunday, and you should celebrate!  Possibly with an utterance of 'arrrrr, matey!' or two, and definitely with some grog.  And also with these:

Kitten Plank

(This picture is awesome; it's of the planks that 826 Valencia sells at their piratical store.  Everyone should have one, if only to hold over your kittens' heads when they misbehave!  Picture ganked from seany@flickr [http://www.flickr.com/photos/seany/3158063162/]. Thanks, Sean!)

Have kids you want to celebrate your piraticalness with this Sunday?  Try our Piratical Activity Kit


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Pirates have become romantic and mysterious even though historically they were ruthless and horrific. Today there is always room for pirate tales in some form. I'm eager to read Set to Sea myself and have been working on my own pirate tale for some time.


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