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September 05, 2010

It's Alive!

(or: the trials and tribulations of the First Second Website)

So we have this website.  You may have noticed it: you are at it right now (or else reading this in an RSS reader, in which case that statement was inaccurate; sorry about that). 

Our parent company also has a website.  And when that started to exist, it included all our books and all sorts of other useful things about First Second.  And we said, 'perhaps there is a way to combine these things!'  It turns out there was.  Unfortunately, it's taken a while, but I am proud to say that now we have a functional website!  And it links to all the things at our parent company's website!  And they are actually up-to-date!

Let's take a quick tour, shall we?  

To the left, you'll find:

Contact Us: now with accurate information!  Ways of contacting First Second that have never before been seen!

Creators: pictures and information about our creators.  Including the present day!  Some of them may even be from our future!  That's an exciting thing, let me tell you.

Trailers: things that are videos about our books!  They are cool things.

For Teachers: material for teachers and librarians that we've assembled: this page is chock-a-block full of lesson plans, activity kits, and reading group guides. 

Bookseller and Media Resources: resources!  For booksellers and media!  There are pages about all the books we've ever published, plus catalogs, activities, and all sorts of other things.  Warning: this page contains lots and lots and lots of content. 

Then to the right, you'll find:

About :01: somewhat self-explanatory, but still necessary!

:01 Catalog: our books that are coming out right now!

:01 Collection: all of our books there are so far, with illustrative covers and extensive linking to all our parent company's information about them. 

FAQs: do you have a question?  Perhaps you will find the updated answer here!  If not, you can always try e-mailing someone whose contact information you'll find in the now-updated 'Contact Us' section. 

Awards and Honors: we don't like to boast, but sometimes we get them. 

and that's it.

Let us know what you think!  If you don't like how we're doing this, perhaps we can make some changes. 


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Thanks for the lively tour!

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