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September 29, 2010

First Second and the Onset of Winter

One of the parts of my job as Marketing Personage at First Second is to get out information about our books.  Therefore we have a catalog (it is here). 

When clicking upon the above link, you may be surprised to come across an entirely new season for us: winter! 


(photo ganked from here)

We heard that winter was cold and full of baby seals, and we had therefore initially determined not to publish books in it.  But upon further rexamination of the whole winter idea, it turns out that fireside hot chocolate makes some people want to read more. 

Therefore we reapproached! 

(And also we've started publishing a few more books, so we needed a place to put them.) 

Going back to my job as a Marketing Personage; one of the things I do to get out the catalog is put it here on the blog!  Another is to send a general e-mail to persons who would have special interest (teachers, librarians, retailers, media, and various other kinds of persons I am doubtless forgetting). 

I sent that e-mail out yesterday; if you are reading this blog and didn't get it and feel that you are a Person of Interest, send me an e-mail (gina.gagliano@firstsecondbooks.com) and I'll put you on my list.  I do catalog mailings extremely infrequently (we only just discovered there were more than two seasons in the year, after all), but they do exist, and tend to be fairly decent at this whole information-providing thing. 


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