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August 27, 2010

The Professor's Daughter

It's Friday, so at this point, what I have the energy for falls into the category of 'things that are pretty.'  The Professor's Daughter is definitely one of those things.  



This is also my favorite 'hijinks ensue' stories that we've published.  (Hijinks ensue plots tend to be easily recognizable by the fact that something strange and bizarre happens in the first third of the book, after which point the characters embark upon delightfully madcap frolics.) 

Here's the plot, in short: Egyptologist's daughter Lillian and Mummy Imhotep IV (featured above) meet and fall in love.  But both their parents disapprove, and they decide to take steps to stop their children from any kind of happily-ever-after ending.  

An Incomplete List of Included Hijinks: an inspection of all the mummies in London, the (accidental) poisoning of a police officer, and Queen Victoria getting thrown into the Thames.  

It is an excellent Friday sort of book.  And very pretty (as mentioned earlier)!


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