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July 30, 2010

My Favorite :01 Comic-Con Picture


(Presumably Gandalf is contemplating the destruction Sauron and the One Ring could wreak in turn-of-the-(last)-century pastoral Korea.)

(Now I totally want Color Trilogy/LoTR fanfiction!  Korea could be one of the rebellious, allied with Sauron Southern States of Gondor, and the whole thing could be analogized to the whole Japan/Korea conflict that kicks off right after the trilogy ends.  I bet Ehwa becomes a spy!)

July 20, 2010

First Second at San Diego

Four Ways to Encounter First Second at the San Diego Comic-Con

1.) On the floor.  We totally have a booth and everything!  It's #1323: we will be there night, day, and afternoon.  In our booth we will have many excellent books, scintillating :01 staff, and amazing authors. 

(specific schedule of amazing authors)

Saturday, 1:30 -- Gene Yang and Derek Kirk Kim

Saturday, 5:00 -- Tracy White

2.) Panels!  Our esteemed Editorial Director Mark Siegel is on two panels this year, one about design (Friday, 3:30, room 26AB) and one about publishing (Friday, 10:00, room 8).  If you have a wish to hear him (and many other equally esteemed personages) expound upon either of these subjects, I believe these panels are for you. 

3.) Eisners.  Are you going to the ceremony?  We are, too!  (And so are Gene Yang and various small Yang-lets and Derek Kirk Kim.)  Perhaps we will see you there?  We will cross our fingers for you if you promise to cross yours for us, too.

4.) Pure happenstance.  The rarest of all meetings, pure happenstance occurs when serendipity collides fortuitously with the ordinary day.  (This begs the question: is there ever an ordinary day when SDCC comes to town?)

See you there!

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