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February 23, 2010

A juicy comics treat: HAMSTER AND CHEESE


When she's not designing books for First Second, Colleen Venable's secret lives include being an author. This first in a delicious new series, HAMSTER and CHEESE introduces a new Private Eye to reckon with: a guinea pig named Sasspants and the case of the stolen sandwich. 

Stephanie Yue's world-in-a-loony-pet-shop is visually irresistible, and Colleen's story shines with its hilarious dialog and timing. Anyone six and up deserves to discover this gem. 

Move over Miss Marple, never mind the #1 Ladies' Detective Agency, here's the real mistress of the whodunnit. She's sharp. And she's furry. This one's a keeper. 

(Published by Lerner, for their Graphic Universe, where editor Carol Burrell is a breath of fresh air and fresh vision.)





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This book looks like a real winner. It's one of the best cartoon drawings of a hamster that I've seen. Most drawings make them look like small teddy-bears. But Colleen has definitely nailed the hamster caricature.!

Dwarf hamsters are tiny, cute animals that make fantastic pets for just about anyone. They fit in the palm of your hand, they are inexpensive and if you train them when they are young, they will be your buddy for life!


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