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December 22, 2009

EDDIE CAMPBELL's ALEC magnum opus in stores


It's here! It's massive! It's wonderful!

And here's the word from the good folk at TOP SHELF (blurbs well worth reading; links well worth clicking; book wholly worth buying) :




"My participation in comics originally grew from my personal admiration for the work of Eddie Campbell, both in partnership with Alan Moore (on FROM HELL) and on his own (in the inimitably observant ALEC stories, as well as the irreverent BACCHUS tales). Driven to expose Eddie's work to the widest possible audience, I entered the comics business as Eddie's distributor in the United States, and soon thereafter partnered with Brett Warnock to re-launch Top Shelf. Fifteen years later (!), I'm holding in my hands one of the things I'm most proud of: A gorgeous edition of Eddie's groundbreaking autobiographical comics, collected in a giant 640-page single volume!" -- Chris Staros

A brief description: Brilliantly observed and profoundly expressed, the ALEC stories present a version of Eddie's own life, filtered through the alter ego of "Alec MacGarry." Over many years, we witness Alec's (and Eddie's) progression "from beer to wine" -- wild nights at the pub, existential despair, the hunt for love, the quest for art, becoming a responsible breadwinner, feeling lost at his own movie premiere, and much more! Eddie's outlandish fantasies and metafictional tricks convert life into art, while staying fully grounded in his own absurdity. At every point, the author's uncanny eye for irony and wry self-awareness make even the smallest occasion into an opportunity for wit and wisdom. Quite simply, ALEC is a masterpiece of visual autobiography. 

Available in two handsome editions:

Softcover with French Flaps:


-- $35.00 (US), Diamond: JUL091081, ISBN 978-1-60309-025-4

Deluxe Hardcover:


-- $49.95 (US), Diamond: JUL091082, ISBN 978-1-60309-047-6

Or see both (and more) at EDDIE CAMPBELL's webpage:



Here's what people are saying:

"ALEC is magic, and even if I knew how all of it was done I'd be doing you a disservice if I pointed out the wires and mirrors. ... It is written by someone who obviously finds being alive an endless source of novelty and conundrum." -- Alan Moore 

"Do you need me to tell you how good Eddie Campbell is? Or that ALEC is probably the best book-length comic about art and wine and midlife crises and families and friends and wine and love and art and saying goodbye and terror there is?" -- Neil Gaiman

"This impressive collection -- a high-water mark in the graphic novel's short history -- confirms that no one else in the medium combines emotional truth, literary intelligence, and formal daring with such adroitness and elegance." -- Booklist (starred review) 

"Witty and thoughtful ... a great and epic comic documentary novel like no other." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)



December 17, 2009

How to Fit in and Make Friends: Lessons from Zita the Spacegirl, T-Rex, and Medusa

My socks have toes, my coat is thicker, and my avoid-the-tourist dance has become more pronounced, which can only mean one thing...Winter in NYC has officially arrived! I attempted to complain to a creator in Austin about how chilly it is today in our office only to be told it was 31 degrees there. 31 degrees?! In Texas?! Surely Austin hasn't looked at a map lately and remembered it's way down there and required to be a sunny place I can dream about when I am working with mittens on.

Luckily there's a lot of love going around here keeping us all toasty and here's a little something to warm you up with a smile this chilly season: A one-off comic by creator Ben Hatke starring Zita, everyone's favorite spacegirl, who has an :01 book of her own coming out next year. This one makes me laugh quite hard.

Zita the Space Girl "Local Customs" page 1 of 2

Zita the Space Girl "Local Customs" page 2 of 2

Figured those of you out there who survived or are currently surviving the swine flu, tofu flu, pescetarian flu, or whatever they are calling it nowadays would particularly appreciate this one. You may remember Zita from the FLIGHT anthologies, but now she has her own full length story on the way. Here's little page of character studies Ben did a while back. Click on it for a larger version.

Zita the Space Girl Character Studies by Ben Hatke

I almost wish I had plumbing problems so I could quote the "ALL TROLLS IS AFEARED OF THE PLUNGAH!" line more often. Tried working it into normal conversations and I found it surprisingly difficult.

He complains a lot but he's a pretty decent designer for a dinosaur.

One more sneak peek for you guys because it is the holidays. This one features both a pin-up page from George O'Connor's OLYMPIANS series, as well as our newest employee, T-Rex from DINOSAUR COMICS. Leave it up to George O'Connor to find a way to make Medusa completely sexy! And leave it up to Ryan North and our favorite internet comics shop TopatoCo to make a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) carnivorous monster so deliriously fun to hug. T-Rex sure complains a lot, but he's not really a bad designer for a stuffed inanimate dinosaur.

December 03, 2009

For the Love of "g"

For the Love of GToday's post is brought to you by the lowercase letter "g" and my love for it. It is, and always has been, my favorite letter in the alphabet. (People have those right?) Lowercase g's come in such a variety of shapes—from g's that look like 9's or even 8's, to ones with elaborate swoops that don't worry about defying line height or saying hello to the letters below.

While I'm not a hardcore fan of the font itself, the lowercase g in American Typewriter is pretty impossible to look at and not want to smile. A tiny fat quail of a letter with so much personality that it always looks ready to hop right off the page. So far in my type explorations I have yet to find a designed letter I like more.

As a quick half-hour experiment I made a little tribute: a poster with fifty varieties of the same letter created for the love of g. I thought some of you type lovers out there might appreciate it.

Quick Tribute and Study of :01 Designer's Favorite Letter

Oh, and just so I don't feel bad for excluding them, uppercase G's have their charms as well.

December 01, 2009



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