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September 12, 2009

Jordan Mechner on Marcus Pfister's Rainbow Fish

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Aha--that's JUST the way I would read it if forced at gunpoint to offer it to kids. I keep it alongside two other books that I feel have seriously deranged messages that lightweight readers think are about "love"--LOVE YOU FOREVER and THE GIVING TREE.



Brilliant. I never could stand the message of that book.

I once read a book to my preschool class called something like "The Littlest Pumpkin" about the smallest pumpkin at the pumpkin stand that no one wants to buy. All his friends -- the bigger pumpkins -- get sold and by the middle of the book, he's left all alone, unwanted, on the cart.

And just as a joke, I closed the book at that point and said "The End".

The kids just shrugged and got up to play. "Wait, come back! There's more story!" I called...

My whole class just accepted it. Yeah, life is like that.

Haha. Or the Disney movie edition!

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