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September 01, 2009

:01 Around the Internet

Go, Look!

Ball Peen Hammer excerpt in PW Comics Week. 

First Second signs up new projects!  It is impossible not to be excited about working with awesome people like Gene Yang, Thien Pham, Dave Roman, and Lucy Knisley. 

CWR really likes Kim Dong Hwa's Color trilogy.  "If you’d told me before I started that reading 900 pages of a man’s take on his mother’s memoirs on growing up in rural Korea would captivate me as much as the COLOR trilogy did . . . I’d have accused you of being drunk, insane, or over-medicated."

ICv2 likes Cat Burglar Black.  "The story reads like a Tintin/Oliver Twist hybrid."

Dustin Harbin's journey to love for Gus & His Gang.  "When Gus came out, with its garish safety-orange cover, and its Wild-West subject matter, I looked forward to reading it but wasn’t really peeing myself or anything."


Let this image serve as a PSA for Tiny Tyrant: The Ethelbertosaurus.  It has adorable artwork and mutant rats!  What more could you ask for in a book?


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I do pee myself all the time, which made NOT peeing over Gus more notable. Now it's one of my faves, and I just peed myself.

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