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April 24, 2009

Over 260 People Attend Gallery Opening of Art from THE PHOTOGRAPHER

Over 260 People Showed up for the Gallery Opening of Art from THE PHOTOGRAPHER

Last night was the opening of the exhibit of art from THE PHOTOGRAPHER: Into War-Torn Afghanistan with Doctors Without Borders at VII Gallery, a gorgeous space with long modern glass walls set against the cobblestone streets of Dumbo Brooklyn. Over 260 people attended the opening showcasing Didier Lefèvre's photographs in heart-wrenching large prints, as well as pages of Emmanuel Guibert's art from the book. I saw people cry. I watched people leave and come back with friends. I overheard a lot of talk of hope, the power of art, and things they could do to help make the world just a little less crazy.

It's impossible to look at Lefèvre's photographs and not feel them in your gut a day later and Guibert's retelling gives so much insight into the hearts behind the amazing work being done by Doctors without Borders. THE PHOTOGRAPHER is more than just a graphic novel, more than a collection of photographs, and more than a biography. It's inspiring, heart-wrenching, and a tribute to the rare people who spend every day with the sole purpose of helping others.

If you missed the opening there's still time to see the exhibit which closes on May 19.

The full set of snapshots from the event is on the :01 Flickr page.

The Photographer Gallery Exhibit  at VII


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