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February 26, 2009

Mark Siegel interviewed on Newsarama


"In the case of The Photographer, you’re in a comic getting to know this photographer (the late Didier Lefèvre) in his own words, taking you on foot into Afghanistan with a team of Doctors Without Borders. And you see these humanitarian heroes, true heroes in our times, and the victims of war they work to heal—and then suddenly you see a contact strip with their actual faces. And the interaction of comic panels and photos builds and builds with such emotional power . . . I think this book will do something. It could very well inspire a new generation of humanitarian heroes."

Check out Mark's Newsarama interview! Lots of good stuff about the year that was and what we've got in the pipeline.

February 24, 2009

First Second to Publish World's Tiniest, Most Adorable Graphic Novel

Photo 19

...just kidding, it's not the tiniest one in the world. This one appears to be smaller.

...just kidding for real: Fall 2009's Ball Peen Hammer, by Adam Rapp and George O'Connor, is the same size as the rest of our books. It's also not exactly adorable, though it more than makes up for that in grit, gloom, perception, humanity, melons, tragedy, poetry, and wit.

February 23, 2009

Charlie Orr's Angoulême report

[Apologies to Charlie for getting this up so late! His photos are worth the wait, as you'll see... -Ed.]

Angouleme was again a fantastic experience, and one that will bring me back again next year. It's not hard to explain the appeal; Angouleme has some of the most talented cartoonists in the world, in one of the most laid-back environments. Even though the crowds are huge throughout the week, it never seems to feel oppressive, or overwhelming. While San Diego Comic Con seems like a sustained panic attack, Angouleme is exciting. The charge you get from its lively atmosphere, keeps you going all-day and late into the night.

I could go on about the food, the people, and the parties, but in the end it's the comics, and the cartoonists, that rule Angouleme.  I saw Jose Munoz, Moebius, Dan Clowes, David B., Chis Ware, Bryan  Talbot, and that was all on one day. But the real testament to the shows spell on me was that I bought around 15 books, and I don't even speak French . . . yet.

Charlie Orr


One of the big hits of the festival, Pinocchio, by Winshluss. This  book is mostly "mute" or without words, making it easy for anyone to  enjoy. The art is "scratchy" and beautiful with lots of color.



Nick Abadzis discusses comics with legend, Jose Munoz at the Hotel Mercure

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February 13, 2009

A Kid's Take on Cartooning Adventures


[from the recipient of a copy of Adventures in Cartooning at the New York Comic-Con]

Adventures in cartooning was great I loved that the princess was the knight I  loved how also that the illustrations were meant to be not so good. The story was very funny Edward was my favorite character he is very funny and I love how Edward gets very fat and burps to defeat the dragon!

P.S. Hope that's enough!

P.P.S. I know your busy and all.....

P.P.P.S. Can you please write back

No.1 fan
- Diego Holmes-Bonilla

February 11, 2009

Robot Dreams author Sara Varon's Angoulême report!

Angoulême was awesome!  I can't believe I am home already. 


I arrived on Thursday night, and Dargaud, the French publisher of Robot Dreams was so nice to me.  They put me up in a hotel which was right in the very center of things (thank you, Dargaud!), and every night they had a big dinner for all the Dargaud people - staff, writers, artists, etc.  I think I sat next to some really famous french comics artists at these dinners, and I totally didn't know their work.  I was worried that I missed some opportunities.  There should be a rule that you must carry your book around at these things, to show people if they ask. 


At these dinners, my editor or one of the other editors always made sure I was sitting next to an English speaker, since, despite 4 years of high school French classes, my French is pretty lousy.  (I guess those classes were awhile ago now.)  I was very grateful for this.

Every day I signed books for 2 hours.  It was a bit different than signing books in the United States.  All the artists (Dargaud usually had about 6 at a time) sat behind a big counter, and there were crazy long lines for a lot of artists.  The artists spent a really long time drawing in people's books, and did some really beautiful work.  It was kind of amazing to me that they were just giving this away, which was the difference between French and American signings.  Here, artists just draw a little doodle.   Or at least I do.  

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February 10, 2009

Watch this space!

Above: At the First Second booth, our marketing goddess Gina Gagliano and James Sime, the evil genius behind San Francisco's Isotope comics shop, admire Adventures in Cartooning, part of First Second's Spring 2009 line-up.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for comics fans - Angoulême and NYCC happened in such quick succession that some of our industry friends went straight from one to the other (happily these plucky comics warriors seem to have emerged from their marathon miraculously intact!).

All of which is to say, we here at First Second had a blast getting photos and reports from Angoulême, and actually attending NYCC - and once our heads stop spinning, we intend to tell you all about it, including panels, highlights at the booth, and Angoulême reports from First Second agents abroud Sara Varon and Charlie Orr.

But for now, check out our brand new flickr page, featuring some photos of NYCC. This is the work of our intrepid designer, Colleen, who in an already legendary move, worked 13 hours at the NYCC booth this last Sunday with what turns out to be a BROKEN ARM.


February 05, 2009

First Second Books and NYCC

First Second will be at the New York Comic-Con this year!  If you're planning on attending, come visit us -- we're at booth 1408. 

Here's who's going to be signing:

Jessica Abel and Matt Madden -- Friday, 3:00

George O'Connor and Sabrina Jones -- Saturday, 12:00

Danica Novgorodoff -- Sunday, 2:45

February 03, 2009

Comics Reporter reviews THE LOST COLONY 3


Hey I missed this one: The Comics Reporter reviewed Grady Klein's third installment of THE LOST COLONY, in a smart, endearing piece, well worth reading.

I think you can judge a publisher by the dearest, most beautiful and romantic shot they take at making a hit out of a comic that baffles most people.

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