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February 23, 2009

Charlie Orr's Angoulême report

[Apologies to Charlie for getting this up so late! His photos are worth the wait, as you'll see... -Ed.]

Angouleme was again a fantastic experience, and one that will bring me back again next year. It's not hard to explain the appeal; Angouleme has some of the most talented cartoonists in the world, in one of the most laid-back environments. Even though the crowds are huge throughout the week, it never seems to feel oppressive, or overwhelming. While San Diego Comic Con seems like a sustained panic attack, Angouleme is exciting. The charge you get from its lively atmosphere, keeps you going all-day and late into the night.

I could go on about the food, the people, and the parties, but in the end it's the comics, and the cartoonists, that rule Angouleme.  I saw Jose Munoz, Moebius, Dan Clowes, David B., Chis Ware, Bryan  Talbot, and that was all on one day. But the real testament to the shows spell on me was that I bought around 15 books, and I don't even speak French . . . yet.

Charlie Orr


One of the big hits of the festival, Pinocchio, by Winshluss. This  book is mostly "mute" or without words, making it easy for anyone to  enjoy. The art is "scratchy" and beautiful with lots of color.



Nick Abadzis discusses comics with legend, Jose Munoz at the Hotel Mercure


David B. signs a book at the Futuropolis booth.



James Kochalka at ego comme x booth.



SPX hero, Alec Longstreth signing his French edition.



Jean Cristophe Menu eating a sandwich at the L'Association booth.





A very nice display by south Korean cartoonists at the paper museum. The cartoonists have drawn/painted short stories on wall mounted cardboard.



Crowds on Saturday in one of the many "tents" at the festival.



U.K. cartoonist John Aggs chats with U.K. designer and typography master Rian Hughs.



One of the sketch books on display at the amazing Dupy and Berberian retrospective at the museum.



Angouleme at night.



A giant chocolate Obelix in the window of the local, and amazing, chocolate shop.



It wouldn't be France without chocolate, now would it?



A Richard McGuire mural from a few years ago.



Le Chat Noir is one of the night time hangouts for festival goers. You can watch a German distributor, chat with an English web blogger, while bumping into a Dutch retailer. It's like a Cartooning U.N. with beer and wine.



On Saturday, the population of festival triples, as do the lines to get in to the tents. This was a line to see manga.



Yes that is an over easy egg on the pizza. My cries of "this is wrong!" went unacknowledged.



The Hotel Mecure is the other night time hang. This is the hotel where all of the big guns of Euro comics stay. You can see people like Moebius, and Jose Munoz, wandering around.



Simon Fraser of ACT-I-VATE, and 2000 A.D., with Tim Pilcher. It was 3 am when this picture was taken.


I saw Pinocchio by Winshluss mentioned here and at drawn&quarterly and just had to buy it for that fantastic cover - and what a great book it is, Im so happy :)

Thanks for the Obelix picture, I had totally forgotten to take a picture myself. Chocolate Comics. My favourite comics! See you next year, Charlie.

I'm sorry the egg on the pizza traumatized you, Charlie! Hope all the foie gras and martinis (and brushes with comix genius) made up for it!
PS We FINALLY got our copy of Pinocchio! Wahoo!
- EL

I was very tired (and a little drunk)! Nice to meet you, Charlie!

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