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September 18, 2008

A Storm of Reviews for Danica Novgorodoff's Debut Graphic Novel

Danica is in Louisville, Kentucky today (at Carmichael's Bookstore) and in Chicago at Quimby's on Saturday. 


“What stands out about Novgorodoff's book are the artistry of its pages -- the fine-art edge her watercolors give to illustrations that help propel the story line -- and the human themes of loneliness, spiritual meaning and connection to the landscape of one's home territory that are associated more with literature or high-art cinema than with the comic-book form.” – The Kentucky Courier Journal

A sharp, often challenging story. . . . SLOW STORM works so well because of Novgorodoff’s ability to almost constantly convey motion and movement. She captures on the page even simple things like winds blowing, or people and animals running, or cars and trucks driving, all with a flair.” – Book Reporter

 I read several books last weekend, but one that won't leave my head is Danica Novgorodoff's Slow Storm. This book was such a hit at Comic-Con that I couldn't get a copy, and now I understand why. The art is breathtaking. The story intertwines a small-town female firefighter and an illegal immigrant who works in a stable. When a storm hits, their lives change. I read the entire thing while sitting on my back porch on a rainy day, and I can't imagine a more perfect setting.” – USA Today's Pop Candy

“Slow Storm’s poignant themes, accompanied by Novgorodoff’s lush watercolor washes and masterful linework, tell an emotionally-charged tale of homesickness and horses, storms and saints.” – Quimby’s

Featured Artist: Comics Should Be Good – A Month of Art Stars

“Just like a Slow Storm, there's a brooding atmosphere and mounting intensity throughout Novgorodoff's subtle, refreshingly different drama, as she shows how these two people from very different worlds and worldviews, both adrift, with secrets to hide, neither sure of their place in life, build a bond of understanding and come to recognise the sensitivity and hope in each other.” – Paul Gravett

“I admire the texture and ambition that Novgorodoff brings to this tale of lost souls. . . . there are numerous moments in Slow Storm that betray a Level 4 hurricane of talent.” – The Oregonian

“Danica Novgorodoff's graphic novel 'Slow Storm' is eerily relevant — and just plain eerie.” – NY Magazine

“In the few gestures these characters exchange as they pass on their way through different journeys, Novgoroff has captured as much or more as any novel or movie. Clearly a contender for best graphic novel of the year.” – Omnivoracious/amazon.com book blog

Slow Storm is a promising debut and a beautiful work of artistic fiction. The author's excellent grasp of dialogue works to establish the characters' voices as believable, and her atmospheric artwork and attention to the story's setting make for an immersing reading experience.” – Newsarama

“Novgorodoff is a genuine talent, an educated painter with style and composition skills to spare. Her work is haunting and powerful, and the character of Ursa really comes alive on the page… even as Ursa feels her life’s energy slipping from her in a maze of pain and bad decisions. It’s a very mature piece of work for someone putting out her first full-length graphic novel.” – Comics Waiting Room

“A multifaceted story about a lonely female firefighter and the illegal immigrant she tries to shelter.” – The Onion AV Club

“First-time graphic novelists rarely display such grace and confidence as this Eisner nominee. In a deliberately paced character study of two disenfranchised souls -- a complicated woman firefighter and a desperate illegal immigrant -- Novgorodoff leans on lovely watercolor panels, not necessarily words, to reveal intimate details about her wounded characters and the stark Kentucky landscape that surrounds and sometimes stifles them. "Slow Storm" is a sad ballad about sorrow-prone people . . . it’s a joy to read.” – The Contra Costa Times

“Eisner and Isotope winner Danica Novgorodoff’s new work Slow Storm. . . . promises to be in the vein of books like Blankets and Palookaville with its "literary graphic novel" pedigree.” – Broken Frontier

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Looking good! Well made graphic novels like Danica's one should have made up to the headlines and get more respect and titles all over...

Wow...that's one LONG list of positive reviews! I've got to get my hands on this!

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