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August 26, 2008



The Lost Colony series generates fierce criticism and passionate praise. Publishers Weekly just posted a review for Book Three of Grady Klein's series, LAST RIGHTS.

The Lost Colony 3: Last Rights Grady Klein. Roaring Brook/First Second, $18.95 paper (160p) ISBN 978-1-59643-099-0

Like some fairy tale take on the Old South, peopled with fantastic characters and lightly leavened with satire, Klein's third Lost Colony volume is a treat from start to finish. On the titular utopian island, where verdant fields are bounded by lushly blooming trees and picturesque mountains that initially obscure the dark past of the humans living there, spoiled princess Birdy isn't sure where to turn with her problems. The loving flashbacks she has of her recently murdered grandfather are challenged by eruptions of truth about his violently racist character, while her stuckup mother appears smitten by the appearance of an old flame, the oleaginous Reverend Swagger. Meanwhile, Birdy, a spoiled and tempestuous tyke, continues to mistreat her one true friend, the ex-slave Louis. Klein's mixture of the real (shades of antebellum Southern racism) and the fantastic (magical rock sprites who inhabit the island and work in mysterious ways), combined with his wondrously bright visuals, make for a heady and occasionally even educational mixture. (Oct.)

To those who've caught The Lost Colony bug: please be contagious—let others know about it.


Hi M.R. -- so glad you gave it a chance to begin with. It really is like nothing else, and I feel like in this third volume, Grady really does emerge as a true storyteller. Yes, please, champions like you are welcome and needed!

I was unsure what to make of this series when I read the first book. I really liked it but was a bit put off by it too. Though I loved the art and it's completely unique style in everything from character to setting so I kept going. Now that I've finished the third volume I'm completely in love with this series. It's challenging, funny, beautiful and dark all at once. I'll admit, it is a hard sell to my customers, but I will continue to spread the word (or the bug).

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