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May 30, 2008

Vampires for Everyone!


The Comics Should Be Good vampire alphabet continues with C is for Cassidy (my favorite comics vampire ever!), D is for Dracula, E is for Eric Brooks (aka Blade the Vampire Hunter), F is for Deacon Frost (also part of Blade's universe), G is for Greenberg the Vampire (who seems very peculiar!), H is for Adam Heller (the star of Blood and Water), I is for I . . . Vampire (or, as he seems to be more commonly known, I . . . Vampire! -- the exclamation mark clearly being a crucial part of his name), J is for John Falsworth (aka Baron Blood) and K is for Hannibal King

I can't wait to see the rest of the alphabet (especially X)!

Another vampire book that I've been hearing about lately is Claudia Gray's Evernight.  Evernight is "the story of Bianca and Lucas, two seemingly ordinary teenagers who are actually neck-deep in a struggle that goes back centuries. It's not another badly-written epic fantasy, however, where the characters could be anyone and all that matters is the plot: these kids not only have to face insurmountable odds that hit close to home, but deal with young love and vampiric cliques to boot." [from here]

Also: a review of Little Vampire from Greg McElhatton at Read About Comics.  "It’s just fun,  pure and simple," says Greg, and we second that! 

Kelly at Big A little a reviews Life Sucks (and likes it, apparently).  "Writers Jessica Abel and Gabriel Sora get teen speak right--which means it's not always politically correct and self aware, especially when the loathsome Wes opens his mouth. Illustrator Warren Pleece's panes are moody, d ark and beautiful--they'll draw that teen reader right in to the story."

Plus: Newsarama does vampires!  Including Bessie the Hellcow, who I'd never even heard of!


Aah June. A vampire free month. LOL! :)

"G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures"

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