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May 29, 2008


Fun fact: Ira Glass of This American Life created Radio: An Illustrated Guide with First Second's own Jessica Abel in 1999. 

Potentially of special interest to younger creators, this video is not specifically about making comics, but Glass does have sensible things to say about learning how to make art that is good. Also, we very much enjoy his glasses.

Here, a video found on Youtube, of the dulcet-toned philosopher dispensing some pretty useful nuggets for those just starting out in any creative field. Enjoy!


Thank you so much for putting this video on this blog. As an aspiring GraphicNovelist, this short message really gives me a little more fuel to keep chasing that dream :)

Thanks Guys, I'm a loyal follower of your books andyour blog.

This is great. Glass completely sums up what it takes to be creatively successful:discipline, hard work, perseverance & good taste!

And he gives us all a pep talk too. Keep working and you'll get past your mediocre work and produce your Grapes of Wrath/Ulysses/etc.

Thanks for posting this!

Oy that's good stuff!

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