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January 14, 2008

Draw Like a Ralph

from the drawing board of Brian Ralph




Fantastic art. I like it! I have those little wooden figures on my office desk by the way.

keep up the good work!p

Ha, nice one. I like the facial expressions. I recently started a drawing tutorial website at http://www.howto-draw.com I'd be happy to hear what you have to say.

Cheers - Sean


Thanks for sharing!

Great little tute,...give us more! I have one of those wooden dolls too. What a piece of junk! It has NEVER helped me out in a jam...EVER! I would have been better of with a frigg'n Ken doll.


Hey,can you also tell us how to do facial expressions and stuff??

I usually find that very hard..

Okay....that was awesome...
look forward to future installments

I'm a little late to the party, but this was great!

Yesssss. That was fantastic. :)

Inspirational & fun little tutorial--keep up the good work! :)

Great job. Look forward to future installments.

First time reader. I can't wait to see more!

love this, ralph

awesome! I hate those dumb wooden dolls too.

Great stuff!
Yeah, smash all those awful wooden manikins. Ha hah, they are drawing vampires.

Great and fun.

I found one spelling error.

Silhouette is misspelled.

I am also looking forward to the next installment!

Crazy brilliant man! Seriously anticipating for part 2.

That was some good art school hippie speak.

Funny and informative. I actually enjoyed the expressions and gestures of your character. You have mad skills, thanks for sharing them with everyone.

Hahahaha, nice!

Great way to intoduce this subject. I will definitely be tuning in. I too got one of those stupid dummies. They;re great for making your figures look just as stiff and wooden as they are. I got a GI Joe Doll instead and that worked buch better. At least with the GI Joe DOll you can see realistic folds and wrinkles as well as how different lighting effects the face and body.

Very nice - looking forward to the next one, I'm going to share this with my daughter.

brilliant :) I actually did destroy my dummy-drawing-thingnie out of exasperation!

Ha, cool. I got one of those little wooden figures once. I got home, opened it, and then thought "Shit, why did I get this?", and put it far in the back of my desk drawer never to be seen again.

Love "Draw like a Ralph"! Totally get it! Would love to have you visit my blog at http://evasicons.blogspot.com/ for any comments ideas you have. Thanks very much!

Wonderful, Mr. Ralph. Great workings!

That was really funny! You should do comics for a kids' humor magazine...like, I don't know...Nickelodeon Magazine or something!!!!

I soooo love this page, what a treat, it speaks volumes to me.

There's an awful lot of great ideas and drawing philosophy in this delightfully-drawn cartooning tutorial! The nice surprise is that this is a brilliant example of storytelling. Somehow you manage to combine real drawing lessons with some personal ranting! ..and by adding in some autobiographical story elements, you come up with a comic strip that's so good I wish I had a poster of it on my wall right now. Man, I LOVE it! Great stuff!

Very nice. I really dig this sort of thing.

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