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April 27, 2007

First Second website -- what do you think

Hey you, visitor!

What do you think of our new website upgrade? Does it work? Anything missing? It would be great to hear. Jes' click on wid dem comments.


I’d like to see a section on creator signings and appearances…

Your site is perfect!

On the category archives, DEOGRATIAS, A TALE OF RWANDA is a misdirected link.

Otherwise great!

Well, I really like the new website deco. It's nice seeing some shots of Mohawk Country up there now.


The website looks really great like this!

Woaw! Good job! I like the way you started with a classic blog style to introduce the different parts of the website in the side columns.

I am not sure about the speed of the images change. I feel like it goes to fast. It makes everything a little bit too much I think. Too many things going on at the same time.

Well done anyway.

And congratulations for your publisher work.

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