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13 posts from February 2007

February 26, 2007

New York Comic Con Poachers

At the Comic Con this past weekend...


Appearances have been changed, but the words are verbatim.

February 21, 2007

LOST & Moomin

For addicts of the LOST TV show, there's some interesting fodder at Matt Madden's blog, about a strangely oddly mysterious connection between LOST and MOOMIN. Almost as freaky as Hurley's numbers.

Oh boy, I have some catching up to do on the blog...

Right now it's been crazy preparing for the end of the week, at the NEW YORK COMICON -- Danica and Kat have been cutting out cardboard figures of Tiny Tyrant and the Lost Colony, and a bunch of neat looking signs for our booth. They have this impish glee about them, and look like they never want to put down the scissors and glue or return to a desk. Gina is feverishly preparing the myriad little things needed for a tradeshow, and I've been crash-learning iMovie and iDVD for the last 24 hours, to put our animated trailers online, as well as little slideshow of the whole First Second Collection. Learning any software has a way of sucking your brains into a blackhole, have you noticed? That's where I've been.

If you're anywhere near Manhattan this weekend, hope you'll come and see our produce... We're at BOOTH #566.

February 20, 2007

Joann Sfar at the Jewish Book Festival in London


If anyone's in London next Sunday, February 25th, check out the Graphic & Novel panel at the Jewish Book Festival, where Joann Sfar, author of Klezmer and The Rabbi's Cat, will be appearing with graphic novelist JT Waldman.

Nick Abadzis, sketches


I just discovered this drawing again recently. This was done on a transatlantic flight from NYC to London a couple of years ago. This guy was a fellow passenger; I use the term 'fellow' loosely as there wasn't a hint of fellowship about him. He made the in-flight attendants' lives hell. He pretended he didn't speak a word of English (unless it suited him); at various times in the flight he pretended to be ill; he threw fits when the attendants refused to serve him alcohol; he refused to stow his table on take-off and landing which led to further confrontations with the cabin crew; he moaned about everything and generally behaved like a three-year old. Except most three-year olds are better behaved.

At the end of the flight the dude stood up forgetting that he'd unbuckled his pants while napping and they fell straight down around his ankles. Not a pretty sight, but everyone just erupted laughing. He was so pissed off with himself.

February 17, 2007



Yes, yes the rumors are true! First Second is jumping in for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY with a little Eddie Campbell/BLACK DIAMOND DETECTIVE AGENCY teaser! This was first leaked at the excellent COMICS COVERED, with a lovely reflection on the 19th Century dime-novel design...


February 15, 2007

A letter to Gene Yang


Click to enlarge this letter from an eighth grade reader, who wrote to Gene Yang to offer "some suggestions and compliments" about his novel, American Born Chinese.

February 14, 2007

Who reads First Second Books?


photo by Matthew Sandager

February 12, 2007

Nick Abadzis, sketches


Just for a change, here's a sketch of someone on the New York subway instead of the London tube. This is my friend Steve who was dozing on a long journey out to Brooklyn.

February 07, 2007



Well how can we — tonight Season 3 of LOST resumes!

Who reads First Second Books?


photo by Matthew Sandager

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