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December 27, 2006

Who reads First Second Books?


Photo by Kevin Church

December 20, 2006

Who reads First Second Books?


photo by Santiago Mostyn

December 15, 2006

iCV2 continuing interviews

The good Milton Griepp at iCV2 continues on with the First Second interview. It began with a look at the National Book Award nomination for Gene, and follows it with a look at the response :01 has garnered from all quarters in this its first year, and ends with a glimpse ahead at 2007.

December 14, 2006


Malaysian cartoonist Lat is no stranger to awards and recognition — they've been raining down on him for many years, mostly in Southeast Asia...

Here now some award news from the USA, not one, not two, but three marks of distinction have just been bestowed on KAMPUNG BOY!

Kampung Boy has been named an Outstanding International Book for 2007 by the United States Board of Books for Young People and the Children's Book Council. A list of this year's Outstanding International Books will appear in the February issue of School Library Journal, and the books will be promoted by the USBBY and the CBC at meetings and conventions throughout the year.

Kampung Boy has been named to the Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books Blue Ribbon List for 2006--their best books of the year. It will appear in the January edition of the Bulletin.

Kampung Boy has been chosen a Booklist Editor's Choice for 2006.



Now, when can we start your U.S. Tour?

Quick Shots

THE BEAT reports about Eddie Campbell and Paul Pope both blogging:

The recently started blogs of Paul Pope and Eddie Campbell are enough to make you think they have taken on new careers. Both are prodigious bloggers. Certainly both are among the most well-defined personas in the comics world, although as long-time self-publishing graphic novelists, they share more of a common background than you might think. (continues at The Beat)

And speaking of Campbell's blog, there's some terrific stuff about working on FROM HELL with his wee daughter Hayley set up to draw next to her dad, including some of her work from that time, which Eddie posts online --


December 13, 2006

Fresh Gene Yang interview and a misty-eyed moment or two

Check it out! It's at THE TRADES

He even says nice things about First Second! Things like:

Jonathan: First Second is a new graphic novel publisher. Do you have any opinions on them to share?

Gene: They are beautiful, beautiful people. They're like fairy godmothers, they're so good. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that they exist. I hope our relationship lasts a long, long time.

And I just got the following email from First Second's dahlink Marketing Director, one of the salt-of-the-earth people in publishing, Lauren Wohl:

okay, i love him. i did before. i love him more now. Lauren

Who reads First Second Books?


photo by Mark Siegel

December 08, 2006

Further Campbell audio interview

Hear ye Eddie Campbell fans, more for your listening delight, picking up from Eddie's blog http://eddiecampbell.blogspot.com/:

I've just noticed that the second part of the interview I did for the Australian Sci-fi radio show, Faster Than Light has been online for a whole week. My Fate of the Artist is discussed, with particular attention to Hayley Campbell's excalmation, "I've had enough a this family Christmas koombayah bullshit!!", which I think interviewer Grant Stone has made his personal catchphrase.


The first part is accessible from the same page, if you missed it. That's November 20 and 27. it amounts to thirty one minutes total. I don't think anything was cut. Even when i stop and piss around while a truck goes past. It's all left in. it's like you're visiting my house.

December 06, 2006

Who reads First Second Books?


photo by Matthew Sandager

Nilsen, Huizenga, Bell on tour

Wish I could be there


Three bright lights! Serious talent to be met tonight in St-Louis at Star Clipper and tomorrow evening in Chicago at Quimby's!

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