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May 26, 2006

Guest Blogger: NICK ABADZIS



My friend Paul fell asleep on the train. He can sleep sitting upright. I showed him this when he woke up. I don’t think he liked it much, thinking maybe that I caught him at an unflattering angle. Sorry, mate - couldn’t resist. You normally don’t sit still long enough for me to draw you.


"A heroic sleeper"... I like the sound of that. It is true that I have slain many a journey with my mighty slumber. I think you've captured the action wonderfully Nick.

Ah memories - I remember Paul out cold on a night bus (sometime in the early 'nineties I guess) and the look of complicity that passed between me and a girl on another seat whose friend was similarly spark out. He's a simply heroic sleeper that boy, no amount of bumpiness of road or sharpness of corner could raise him from his slumber.

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