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April 27, 2006

REVIEWS: part 2


It's very strange, looking at the first :01 titles, on the shelf. They exist! And next week, as you know from Eddie Campbell's pacing around -- the first six of them appear in stores.

From concept to realization, to release -- and then what?

Well, there are reviews.

The way it works: first come the trade journals, in other words magazines and websites devoted to some aspect of the book industry (for instance, for librarians, or independent booksellers, or educators, or other publishers) -- those reviews usually come out in the weeks and months before the book's release. Then come the mainstream media, papers, magazines, TV and radio, for the general public -- usually timed at or soon after the book's release.

So this blog aims to report First Second's firsts (and seconds), and I would be remiss not to report OUR FIRST LOUSY REVIEW.



So where's the review? You're not remiss to not mention that you've received one, but it just seems weird to then not link to or quote from it.

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