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February 08, 2006

Journal Excerpt






Wow, Mark. You draw some pretty neat comics. Contemplative and pithy. It's the farm drawing that ensnared me. Great composition. Then, I read the whole of Shadowlands. The "Banshee in the Heartland" image (Sept 9) reminds me of my favorite novelistic illustration, "Fagin in the Condemned Cell" (George Cruikshank, 1838) from OLIVER TWIST. Yours has the same dark, tremulous drama to it. I love your editor/fortune cookie writer stuff, too--especially your October 3rd and 5th entries. If you'd like to show some of your work (along with Sara Varon's) in Holograph Magazine's (holographmagazine.com) next issue, feel free to drop me a line. Perhaps a comics essay with your ponderous and witty banshee? Your venting fortune cookie writer/editor? I'd love to see more of your stuff.

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