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January 06, 2006

LAT's KAMPUNG BOY in the USA at last


Here's a glimpse from our Fall List, which I'm very proud to say includes KAMPUNG BOY, from Malaysia's most beloved cartoonist LAT.

His latest award, the prestigious Petronas Journalism Award, was recently reported in The Comics Reporter. Though he's not yet widely known in the States, he is a superstar in Indonesia. And ask any Malaysian: he's revered for his work of many years (he was first published when he was only 13).

Lat has received tons of awards, including, in 1994, the prestigious Malaysian honorific title "Datuk," which compares with Knighthood in England or being named Chevalier in France. I first came across the Kampung Boy series because Ferid Kaddour of Thé-Troc published a lovely French version of it. He's now releasing the second volume.

Our edition has new lettering and cover artwork from Lat.

It makes me really proud to count Lat's presence in the First Second list.

And a bonus: here is a snapshot of Lat with Matt Groening and an unidentified friend.



I also love Lat's work. I have several of his books. Will be on the look out for more. You can email me at [email protected] or visit my web site at www.maggietan.com
Thank you Lat, for coming to the USA.
Maggie Tan, Penang Island, West Malaysia

I was wondering whether anyone has the contact details for the French publisher, The Troc (Ferid Kaddour) and also the Brasilian publisher, Conrad Editora (Alexandre Linhares). They published the Portuguese and the French versions of Kampung Boy respectively.

i went to Lat's hse and came back with 2 free books of his. It was breathtakingly brilliant! its an advantage being friends with his daughter!! u guys should try it!

I, like his many fans, also grew up with LAT. His drawings were truly unique and genuinely Malaysian.

Regardless of background or upbringing, his work somehow found a niche in which all Malaysians could relate. The "Kampung Boy" stories and his other works, whether satire, comic or political were all superb. The drawings would say it all…..the LAT way!

I'm very glad that others are also being afforded this opportunity now. Syabas.

Thanks Nasha!

My father, who came from a kampung himself, loved to tell me stories of his childhood. I remember him pointing to scenes from Kampung Boy - Yesterday and Today and telling me how things were "just like that". Lat's honest, funny, and innocent cartoons truly depict our culture and people. It makes me really proud that Lat has finally arrived!

Lat taught me how to laugh & cry @ a culture that is "still" so misunderstood.....
U da' man Lat!
Terima kasih.......


looking to purchase his comic collection...please email any info you have...Thanks Jennifer

P.S. Lat if you are reading this ...I have been searching for you for a long time...email me!!


[email protected]

Saw this new edition in Borders Singapore. Glad that Lat's work is still going strong...

yes,i'm agree with u..
my studio will be designing an art gallery for u..
i would like to know what kinda design u would like for ur gallery..we will be submitting thiz project by the end of august...i hoped u ll give yr cooperation towards this project as

I think Lat's prior most high profile English-language gig was in Ng Suat Tong's anthology, Rosetta.
It's great to see First Second bringing his work to the US audience.

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