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October 31, 2005

Africa news -

From AP:

Mandela Launches Series of Comic Books

By KATHRIN HAASIS, Associated Press Writer Fri Oct 28, 1:38 PM ET

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Former President Nelson Mandela launched the first edition Friday of a series of comic books about his life aimed at encouraging young South Africans to read.

"You know you are really famous when becoming a comic character," the 87-year-old anti-apartheid icon joked at his Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg.

...continue reading the full Associated Press article.


October 28, 2005

Journal Excerpt/SUBMISSIONS


Maybe I should put this in the FAQs, under 'What Kind of Projects Are You Interested In?"

A tip on submitting projects to First Second?

We're suckers for great, sweeping adventure. Rich memorable characters, too. Stories!

I'll take Robert Louis Stevenson any day over James Joyce.


And I'm chipping away at our submissions pile, I really am. We're just a few months behind now.

October 27, 2005

FLIGHT anthology 3 cover...


The FLIGHT anthology brims with a dizzying amount of new comics talent fresh out of animation studios, webcomics and other cool hang-outs, and here's another whopping cover, for the third installment to come.

Kazu Kabuishi, its figurehead, organizer, impressario and editor is also one of its heavy-hitter authors, and the creator of the upcoming AMULET. And he has a fine blog, which even said something nice about us!

The FLIGHT website and Bulletin Boards is also a must-add to our list of friendly projects...

October 26, 2005

Taniguchi exhbit in Paris


Whoa! Wish I could see this... Jiro Taniguchi is the author of Harukana Machi e - A Town Far Away, one of my favorite Manga of all.

This exhibit offers original art from ICARO, which Taniguchi created on a script by the legendary Moebius, aka Jean Giraud. More at the gallery's website: arludik.com.

ICARO volumes 1 and 2 were released in the US by i books, but I'm not sure if that's available anymore. Simon & Schuster distributed that, last I heard.

October 24, 2005


Gone are the good old days when every movie villain had a British accent. Now it's got to be one of those despicable Frenchmen, and best of all if played by Lambert Wilson...


Take a page out of Machiavelli, another from Orwell's 1984, and you know if you want to get somewhere as a dictator, make sure and provide someone for your people to hate.

French-bashing is pathetic. On some shows on Fox news, it seems to be policy, but it's also in movies, TV shows, and it's gotten so common, at times it's practically a given.

Now it's one thing to disagree with a government, or a philosophy, but it's another to boycott a nation wholesale. When others do that about Americans, they come off as ignorant pigs. Does the same apply here?

Notwithstanding France's crooked leadership or its occasional disastrous policy -- how about our own? -- where comics are concerned, the land of wine and cheese is a place of phenomenal, flourishing, pioneering creativity.

In the US, many comics readers know this well. Plus, nowadays, graphic-novel creators influence one another around the planet, from the US to Europe to Asia and beyond. So I'm damn proud First Second will champion good authors from everywhere, including, yes, a few Freedom Funnies.

I was just going to post the following journal doodle without writing anything, but then what's a blog if you don't sound off, and get hot under the collar every now and again?


October 23, 2005

:01 Catalog

"Where do we get our printed catalogs?" some of you are asking. Well, until your favorite bookstore carries them (would you ask them to, while we're on the subject) you can ask for one at mail@firstsecondbooks.com if you include a mailing address.

October 20, 2005

:01 printed catalog is here


The FIRST SECOND printed catalog is here. It's not the same as our online version. Online you get lots of gift pages. On paper, you get other neat things: original essays by some bright lights of different fields, such as a reviewer (Calvin Reid), a columnist (Michael Cart), an author (Paul Pope), an editor (Tanya McKinnon), and a librarian (Kat Kan). And more, short comics by Jessica Abel, and a couple of pieces by the brilliant Tom Gauld. And lots of doodles in corners.

So stuff to read and look at. The first, first season, first second catalog! Maybe it will become a collector's item. Or maybe it's just history making for us and totally forgettable for everyone else.

October 18, 2005

Just Read and Just Liked

TOP SHELF continues to be a class act among indie comics publishers. Editor Chris Staros deserves credit for promoting and discovering some great talents these past years.

If you aren't familiar with the offerings of Top Shelf Books, here's your chance for a shopping spree with plenty of good stuff to choose from: they're having a big special sale online.

My latest TSB favorite?

...the delightful SPIRAL BOUND, by Aaron Renier.


October 14, 2005

:01 Website filling out!

Yes, it's been slim pickin's at this blog for a few days, but thy patience shall be rewarded, oh faithful visitor.



Such imponderable questions for the ages are answered in our new and unfolding website... And that particular one is answered on Trondheim's CREATOR PAGE, here.

Please, come around, have a look, make yerself at home.

There are updated FAQs, Creators Pages, and more, like nice catalog pages for our FIRST SEASON BOOKS loaded with gift pages from the books, early glimpses of later titles, and even screensavers and wallpaper. We may be nuts, but we're not stingy.

Here's the one I have on my desktop:


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