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September 06, 2005



What is the all time best kiss in a graphic novel? Feel free to weigh in and send your suggestion. Here are three contenders.

1. From ISAAC THE PIRATE (published in the US by NBM). Christophe Blain has a number of kissing scenes in several titles of this series. Can't decide which is my favorite. Maybe the one in the fifth volume, when Isaac kisses his wife's sister. But I don't have it with me, so I can't scan it. This one is from earlier. It's up there too.

Isaackiss© Christophe Blain

2. This next one is from Paul Pope's THB, his incredible sprawling martian epic, in volume 6d (from HORSE PRESS) when the main character HR follows the strange Jig up to a rooftop. One of the best first kisses.

Popekiss© Paul Pope

3. And this one! Krazy Kat finally kisses Ignatz! Ok, so he's sleeping, but still, he can't remain unaffected. A history making smooch. (From the Abradale Press compilation -- and it's all the more meaningful if you also read the amazing Fantagraphics collection, designed by Chris Ware).



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Monsieur Mallah and The Brain in DOOM PATROL #34.

Best homosexual talking intelligent monkey/disembodied brain supervillain kiss EVER.

N°3, hands down

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