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August 19, 2005

FAVORITES -- From Sara Varon


"here is of one of my favorite passages: 2 pages from 'the roumanian circus', which is the
story in 'jetlag' (by actus tragicus) written by etgar keret and illustrated by rutu modan.


" i love etgar keret's stories in that book, because they are so bleak and strange and hopeless but also funny. and rutu modan is my favorite illustrator and storyteller of the actus crowd.


"the page with the clowns in the dryer seemed like a good one because it really caught the mood of the whole story. but the monkey page is my all-time favorite comics page - how could you not love the rotten monkey in the wheelchair? the tiny drawing of him throwing an apple at the piano-player's head makes me crack up every time i see it, and i love (in all her drawings) rutu modan's use of line and color and shapes and patterns, and all the little details she puts in the background which embellish the writing."
-- Sara VARON


© Pages Copyright Keret/Modan (Actus Tragicus)


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