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April 26, 2006

About THE LOST COLONY series

We're just days away from the first six :01 titles showing up at your favorite bookstore!

Like many of you who've been writing me, I'm thoroughly enjoying Eddie Campbell's behind-the-scenes glimpses as he counts down to his book's release. The Fate of the Artist continues to get tremendous buzz and anticipation, right around the world.

Right now I'm in the Four Seasons hotel in Houston, Texas, for the Texas Library Association and the Bluebonnet acceptance. Blogging in a nice hotel bathrobe is a treat. I should try this more often. Starting today, I'll be sprinkling in some of my own little moments, behind-the-scenes of these books we're doing.

With our first list, we launch a brilliant new series called The Lost Colony by Grady Klein. He's a newcomer in graphic novels, with some remarkable work behind him in editorial illustration and animation. Book one of The Lost Colony is The Snodgrass Conspiracy and when I first saw sample pages of it, I knew this was work of visionary brilliance. The more I work with Grady and the more I visit his weird and wonderful little island, the more that first impression is confirmed.

When I get submissions of work that's entirely digital, I mostly cringe. It tends to feel like Photoshop owns the artist, not the other way around. Not so with Grady for whom it just happens to be the right tool. In his hand, it's the pen, the brush in which we get a true author's handwriting.

There's so much in The Lost Colony world that defines why First Second was started in the first place: a personal voice, innovation, high adventure, skilled artistry and excellent writing, and throughout it all, an author wrestling with things, exploring –– and doing what he loves. I'll champion that any day.

Each episode has a clear focus but in the course of the whole series, an over-arching story is unfolding, continually revealing surprising depths and contradictions to the island's characters, and their tangled relationships. Book 2 is due out next Spring, and the ones after that each Spring to follow.

More about discovering The Lost Colony in next entries, along with some glimpses —like this one— from the second book, which is called The Red Menace. Glorious stuff. I haven't been this excited about a new series since the first seasons of the Simpsons.


February 13, 2006

Project LAIKA -- Nick ABADZIS's secret works

Can't wait! And neither can Abadzis fans, who are about to be knocked sideways by this extraordinary new project of his, a true labor of love. Sorry: I meant to say a labour of love. More to come, more to come!

Here's Nick, whose massive research for LAIKA took him -- surprise! -- to Moscow.


October 13, 2005

To blog or not to blog

Argh_1 There are times in the world of comics blogs and bulletin boards, when the ranting and raving gets hot. To join or not to join, in the wildfires of opinion? Some days I've got a fighting spirit, and sure why not jump into some pointless lost cause of an argument? Other days, I'd just rather go see Wallace & Gromit.

September 08, 2005

:01 History

First Second history was made in Spring '04, when Jessica took me to "Jim Hanley's Universe" in Midtown Manhattan... Little did I know most of Jessica's MUST READ authors would join First Second.



Donations for Katrina relief efforts can be made here.

August 26, 2005

EARLY GLIMPSE! Derek Kirk Kim's upcoming :01 title

For those of you who know the work of Derek Kirk Kim, here's a tantalizing tidbit from his upcoming HEALING HANDS: early sketches for two of his characters...

And Derek's website: http://www.lowbright.com/index.html



August 19, 2005

Sara Varon

Sw_2 © Copyright Sara Varon

SARA VARON is the author of the magical SWEATERWEATHER, from Alternative Comics.

Her project with us, ROBOT DREAMS, is in thumbnails and I love it already. It's got it all, humor, pathos, animals, just no words, or very few. There's a very peculiar, very unique quality to Sara's characters and stories. And it's strangely addictive.


August 11, 2005

On the way to a conference...


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