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March 13, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: RIP Deli Marche


(image ganked from here)

Deli Marche was our deli across the street.  I say 'was' here because it closed down last week. 

One of the times I'm most amused about the skewed New York perspective is when my relatives come to town -- whenever we're going to a museum or the theater and I pull them past the deli because it's not Ethiopian or dumplings or artisian ice cream, at which point someone has to say, 'That deli is amazing!  It has fresh fruit!  It has several pasta selections!  It has sushi!  Why don't you go there all the time?' 

Deli Marche had all those things, and it always had chewy ginger candy and wheat thins, two obviously necessary items for hard-working publishing employees.

What fate awaits us now? 

We'll just have to go to the deli two doors down. . . .

March 10, 2012

R.I.P. JEAN GIRAUD and MOEBIUS 1938 — 2012



On Saturday morning, May 10th 2012, the world lost two of its greatest master comics authors—who happened to be one and the same man: Jean Giraud and Moebius, each known for different styles and careers. Both of them dazzling, leading lights the world over.

Fly on, Arzach.


March 09, 2012

Town Limericks


Have you ever wondered about life far away?
Where peoples' lives are different from ours every day?
This book gives brings you that
The story of Lat
You can see the world changing in every way.

This book is the sequel to Kampung Boy, which we already limerick'd about -- a really fascinating glimpse at life inside Malaysia. 

March 08, 2012

Flatiron Snacks: Wafels and Dinges


(image ganked from here)

You guys!

There's a truck that makes waffles that has come to our building for every morning of the past two weeks that I have remembered to notice it.  This is such an exciting thing, because, waffles!  Are they not superior breakfast foods?  Especially when one puts chocolate and fruit and sometimes more chocolate on top of them? 

(Also the truck itself is most excellent, being yellow and rectangular and mysteriously both arriving and disappearing every day, which makes me suspect it is akin to the gingerbread houses of witches, except in a non-lethal sort of way.)

In short: wafles & dinges, I recommend them. 

March 07, 2012

This is big: AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL adopts Zahra's Paradise in its Iran Report

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March 02, 2012

Tyrannical Limericks

Tiny Tyrant_COVER_300rgb

There once was a king who was very small
(Many people almost couldn't see him at all)
But his wants were great
And would not abate
Luckily he would be easily distracted and stall.

We love the Tiny Tyrant!  He is so tiny, yet so tyrannical!  And also so incompetant.  If only all our tyrannical rulers would have as their highest ambition to not be bored, and also bioengineer dinosaurs while they're at it.

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