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November 16, 2011

:01 & Digital Galleys


Primer first: a galley is a promotional version of a book printed and distributed in advance of publication.  Wikipedia has some more details; the jist is that one of the ways to get people to be excited about books before they're published is to get them to read the books before they're published, and for that, there needs to be some sort of thing for them to read.  Hence: galleys!

One of the things we're doing in this upcoming season is working with digital galley provider NetGalley to get our books out to readers while a) being environmentally conscious and not printing them on paper and b) not just reaching the people we already know.

NetGalley is basically a website that hosts digital galleys.  We provide them with files and data, they make the books available for people to request, we approve the requests. 

You have to sign up for a NetGalley account to request books, but anyone can have an account.

So!  Our W12 season is currently up on NetGalley, and if you have an account (or would like to make an account), you may go and see if we will give you digital early copies of our books to read. 

Hint: if you are a teacher or a librarian or media, if you say you will blog about or review the books, the answer is probably yes. 


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