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September 05, 2011



SPX is this weekend!  People will be there!!  People we publish!!!  This is very exciting to us!!!!


Sara Varon's Bake Sale just came out this week, and in celebration, next week she'll be down in DC signing with the CBLDF on both Saturday and Sunday.  Stop by and snag a copy of the most delicious graphic novel of the year. 


I just got this author portrait of MK Reed (courtesy of Jonathan Hill), and it is an adorable thing.  MK will be exhibiting at SPX; stop by and check out Americus, her just-publishing graphic novel about standing up for things you believe in and small town life and other good things. 


Joe Flood is exhibiting; he's going to have some advance copies of Orcs to give out to people who roll dice particularly well; you should go and check this book out. 

Also I will be there, and I may have cookies!  Better than cookies, though is comics in libraries, which we'll be doing a program about on Sunday.  If you're interested in comics in libraries, you should come check it out; it should be all sorts of fun. 


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I'll be there too!

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