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September 01, 2011

"Feynman" by Ottaviani and Myrick pubs this week!


Richard Feynman, the subject of Jim and Leland's marvelous graphic novel biography, wrote a book called The Pleasure of Finding Things Out. How's that for a title?

Finding things out is undeniably pleasurable. Anyone who has ever stepped foot in a library or fallen down a wiki hole cannot deny it.

Richard Feynman loved finding out things, and he was brilliantly good at it. That's why they gave him a nobel prize.

Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick made a book about Feynman, and I edited it. Working with Jim and Leland and reading Feynman's own writing was a pleasure not just because it's a beautiful book about an incredibly interesting man (the 20th century's most interesting man?) but because I found out a bunch of things while working on it.

I found out that physics is heart-achingly beautiful, and very very strange.

I found out why light reflects off glass and water the way it does.

I found out that the nation of Tuva used to have triangular postage stamps.

I found out all of these things because Richard Feynman found them out first.

Editing FEYNMAN gave me access to a mind. The mind of Richard Feynman, a man who viewed the world with such intense interest, curiosity, optimism, and enthusiasm that just the mention of his name in certain circles will make everyone in the room smile.

I'm one of those people, now. And it's because of this book. I hope you read it. We could all use a little inspiration every now and then; a few hours spent looking at the world through someone else's eyes, learning what they learn and finding new joy in the world through their passions.

You could not pick a better man to inspire you. This book will make your day. It may even change your life.



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I have so enjoyed this book. Inspiring subject and great storytelling, beautifully sketched and told.

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