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September 02, 2011

AMERICUS pubs this week!


Do you remember the first album you bought with your own money? The first one you stayed up late listening to over and over again?

Do you remember being a teenager, and feeling like your favorite song is the most important thing in the world? Like all of your feelings are swirling around in you, inexpressible until someone comes and makes MUSIC out of them, somehow reading your mind and singing what you're thinking but can't say?

Americus is a book about many things. It's about being a teen in small-town America. It's about book-banning. It's about culture wars. It's about the transportative quality of a great story.

And it's about music. And what it's like when you discover music in that soul-churning, heart-thumping, spine-tingling, this is my music kind of way.

Americus makes me miss my Cranberries, my Smashing Pumpkins, my Counting Crows. It makes me miss being fourteen--something I would have thought was impossible.


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