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August 01, 2011

San Diego Book Stack: A Briefly Annotated List

(I would take a picture of said stack, but it is at home on my windowsill and also intimidating.  No longer can I open my window and enjoy the refreshing breeze of NYC summer.)

Any Empire

New Nate Powell book!  So exciting!  I hear there are turtles.  (I also hear that the turtles get horribly mutilated, but presumably you can't have everything.)

Bad Island

Oh, Doug TenNapel.  Ever since you wrote a book about zombie giant space eels, you have been in the 'absolutely, totally awesome' column in my head.  Can't wait to read this.

Chester 5000

Jess ran out of this book at TCAF; so excited to finally get to read this for real! 


New Brian Ralph!  I am a big enough fan of him that I have a screenprint from this book on my wall.  (The guys who frame my art were big enough fans of the screenprint that they hand-made a frame for it!)


Getting a copy of this hand-delivered to the :01 booth from some of the guys at Flight was one of the highlights of the con for me.  I especially can't wait to read the new Leland Myrick story, as he is awesome. 

Gabby and Gator

There is a crocodile!  He is plaid!  How is this not awesome?


I heart Steve Rolston's art.  Most of what I've read by him has been teen, so I can't wait to see how his version of Russia looks!


There is going to be SO MUCH Kung Fu in this book.  Drawings of fighting by Kagan McLeod = guarnateed to be gorgeous!


Somehow I haven't read this book already and the guys at Oni were nice enough to give me a copy.  Yay!


Finally I will learn the secret of these dog-beans that Viz has been doing so much advertising about. 

One Soul

I got to read this in manuscript a few months ago and it was awesome then; I'm kind of nervous about picking it up a second time because it's generally more formalist than my taste runs, but the idea is so neat!  And Ray just does an amazing job with it.  The book for real is gorgeous!


This book?  The next From Hell.  For serious.

(Important Side Note: the last two books were designed by Oni Designer Keith Wood; you can see by how awesome they look that he is amazing!  I vote for him being given lots of money -- you can just tell that these books are going to sell lots because his covers are so pick-up-able.)


I have no idea what this book is about besides the obvious, but that it's by Dan Santat is enough for me!  Can't wait to read it.


Queer manga that's not yaoi!  Clearly this will be a fascinating reading experience. 

(This list is incomplete and there are some places [here's looking at you, Vertical!] that I didn't get to.  Sorry guys!  Books are omitted out of forgetfulness and the need to make this post not ten years long, not out of dislike.)

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